Conference Committee/Planning meeting 7/Minutes

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  • Harry
  • Katie
  • Daria
  • Tom
  • Mike


  • We need a contract with the venue...
  • Payment terms etc.

ACTION: Katie to look into this & liase with Daria to organise/sign off. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
Katie to choose the catering.
Daria to send Katie some documents to look at and compare when working with the venue. (Yes check.svg Done)

  • Galvinise local membership - events leading up to the AGM

ACTION: Brainstorm ideas for local collaboration - Tom happy to lead on organising an event in Lincoln. Katherine Bavage may want to be involved. We need ideas for the format of the event, and possible venue. Symbol wait.svg Doing... - there is a meeting on 19/12/12 about this

  • Budget of £5K
  • With catering ~£1500 for venue
  • How many breakout rooms do we need?
  • Last year we had ~50 people,need rooms from 8am to 7-8pm on the Saturday (assumption that there is no need for a venue if there is a Sunday event?)

ACTION: Katie to work on a rough budget. Yes check.svg Done [1]

  • Accomodation & Travel options for people
    • Staff
    • Board
    • Speakers - when it's being organised they could be send a gentle email to ask if they require accommodation.
    • Volunteer organisers for the event
    • Staff, board and volunteer organisers may need to claim per diems too.

Some of it might come from other budgets (board costs, but that normally is very stretched), but the assumption is to cover it from the AGM budget.

ACTION: Tom to look into accommodation - ideally various options if we are not covering everyone's accommodation cost. Still to be done.

ACTION: Tom, will the Premier Inn be open? Yes check.svg Done

  • Catering, decide on the options
    • Basic lunch seems OK
    • Plus tea/coffee breaks (with biccies!!)
  • Check with venue what lunch drinks options are available, and what are the minimum numbers.

ACTION: Katie to discuss with venue and include in budget Symbol wait.svg Doing...

  • Agenda...
  • Needed to know how long the AGM needs. Mike said 2 hours.
  • Speakers? Keynotes? Suggested 2 keynotes, AGM after lunch, fill the rest of the time with community and external speakers

ACTION: Committee to discuss agenda & speakers via Email. Harry to pitch to get speakers booked.

  • Booking... what to use? CiviCRM, Daria is having problems getting it work.
  • Harry: can we have access to booking data to help with planning. Daria says she will be able to provide reports

ACTION: Daria to contact tech mailing list with issues relating to CiviCRM events. Yes check.svg Done

  • GLAMWiki - do they need support from the committee?
  • They might do, but there seems to be miscommunication :)

ACTION: Follow up with GLAM organisers to see if help is desired

  • Mike mentioned conference charter, to make us aware of it

  • Next meeting Wednesday 12 December at 12pm.