Conference Committee/Planning meeting 8/Minutes

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Agenda was to discuss Wikiconference 2013 & actions from previous week.


  • Harry
  • Daria
  • Katie
  • Tom


Wikiconference 2013

Discussion about contract & status of contact with venue. Katie had discussions with them and has a draft contract etc. Will put Daria in touch with the venue.

ACTION: Katie to send Daria email contacts for venue Yes check.svg Done

ACTION: Daria to follow up with venue to arrange contract Symbol wait.svg Doing... - in contact, but the venue will not respond until mid January.

Quick discussion of catering, need to stay on top of it.

Discussion about draft budget and accommodation. May need more for travel than already budgeted... Tom mentioned Group booking costs will be ~£50-60 per night.

Tom rang Premier Inn head office and found out the hotel will be open in time. But we cannot make a group booking till January.

ACTION: Tom to organise a group booking in January

Speakers - Harry not had chance to raise this on the mailing list, deferred till next weeks meeting.

Harry, Katie and Tom agreed time for in-person meeting next week - 19 December, mid-day at the Green Dragon pub.v Agenda is to discuss AGM agenda and the Sunday/leadup events.

GLAM Conference

Daria mentioned the new GLAM consultant; it doesn't appear the conference committee will be needed, but keeping us informed. Daria