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Connect @Edinburgh Napier University Presents 'Writing Women Back into History' Editathon

As part of Women's History Month, Connect at Edinburgh Napier University invites you to join us at an event on Wednesday 4 March 2015 to improve and create Wikipedia entries related to the history of women in STEM. We especially encourage additions that highlight the accomplishments of notable women (or those identifying as female) who have made important contributions to gender equity in STEM research areas.

Where?:The Glassroom, Merchiston Campus, 10 Colinton Road
When?: Wednesday 4 March 2015, 13.00-18.00
Point of contact: Debbie Ratcliffe -
Twitter: @napierconnect
Cost: Free - Food and refreshments will be provided all day
How do I sign up?: email

Join us for the event!

This meetup has been arranged by Connect and is open to all female students and staff in the School of Computing and the School of Engineering and the Built Environment at Edinburgh Napier University, but space is limited to approximately 20 attendees. Connect is for female students studying computing, engineering and the built environment at Edinburgh Napier University.

No Wikipedia editing experience is necessary. As needed throughout the event, tutoring will be provided for Wikipedia newcomers. Female editors are particularly encouraged to attend.

How do I prepare?

  • Sign up for the event at
  • Create a Wikipedia account
  • Bring a laptop (wi-fi will be provided)
  • Learn about editing if you like: visit the Wikipedia Tutorial, or Getting started on Wikipedia for more information
  • Look at the list of articles below and start researching now - you can even prepare some materials to bring with you on the day
  • Food and refreshments will be provided all day finishing with cheese and wine to celebrate our achievements!


In the 'Articles to Edit' section below is a sampling of suggested articles to create or add upon. However, feel free to come up with your own ideas and let me know! In addition to the suggestions below, editors may consider cleaning up articles on more well-known women in STEM, such as Ada Lovelace. Useful updates could be as simple as: Making sure reference links are still appropriate and functional; Adding new inline citations/references; Adding a photo; Adding an infobox; Adding data to more fields in an existing infobox; Creating headings; Adding categories; etc. The opportunities are endless!

Agenda for the day:

  • 12:50 -13:00 - Registration and buffet lunch
  • 13:10 Welcome and brief introduction to the event from Debbie Ratcliffe, Student project Officer at Connect
  • 13:20 Outline and training on Wiki editing from Sara Thomas, Wikimedian in Residence at Museum Galleries Scotland
  • 13:50 The editing commences!
  • 15:00 Tea/Coffee (participants are welcome to stop for a break and a chat etc)
  • 17:00 onwards - Wine and Cheese will arrive and the event will begin to wind up with any editing being completed and all editing being recorded

Articles to Edit

This list is not exhaustive so please add any articles you think it would be useful to edit (or email me the details so I can update)




  • w:Mary Walton - potential to add to exisitng information - being worked on by LAlwis
  • w:Ann Dowling - potential to add to exisitng information - being worked on by LAlwis

Built Environment


  • Equate Scotland - no presence on Wikipedia at moment - being worked on by Pacific12
  • w:Women in STEM fields (issues surrounding studying, recruitment and retention of women in this area) - being worked on by UDoloto


  • Maria Gordon - being worked on by Whiteheather555
  • Helene Ahrweiler - being worked on by Philonomy1
  • w:Lucy R. Wyatt - created by Kdpenguin


  • Sara Thomas: en:User:lirazelf (Trainer/speaker)
  • Debbie Ratcliffe: User:Debs72 at Napier
  • Halsted Bernard: User:Cygnoir
  • Hayley Wilson: User:HaylWils
  • Melanie Robinson: User:Melanie258
  • Kate Durkacz: User:Kdpenguin
  • Aimi Richmond: User:ALRND81
  • Ella Taylor-Smith: User:EllaTasm
  • Debbie Meharg: User:DebbieMeh
  • Jenny Tizard: User:Jennytizard
  • Urszula Doloto: User:UDoloto
  • Lourdes Alwis: User:LAlwis
  • Frances Ryan: User:Cleverfrances
  • Chrysoula Pantsi: User:philonomi1
  • User:Pacific12
  • Mali Thomson: User:whiteheather555
  • Marwa Salayma: User:MarwaSalayma
  • Wendy Strachan: User:WendsP
  • Alison Andrews: User:MollySelma
  • Helen Young: User:Helen Young 82
  • Polly Wong: User:Wong302007


Sara Thomas en:User:lirazelf, the Wikimedian in Residence at Museum Galleries Scotland will be leading the training on the day to give the basics to non Wiki editors and also refresh anything for occasional Wiki editors. We are lucky to also have her expertise on hand for the rest of the day. As well as Sara, there will also be other Wiki editors there to provide advice and help on the day.


Edinburgh Napier Library staff have kindly agreed to help out with the research material on the day so we will have access to the library when the event is actually on, and they have also been provided with our 'Articles to Edit' list so any books/journals etc can be ordered in beforehand.

Outcome: Content created on the day

New Articles Created

Articles improved, edited or cleaned up

Connect Wiki Editathon 2
Connect Wiki Editathon 3
Connect Wiki Editathon
Connect Wiki Editathon 5

Further outcomes

Our event made it into the media! Both The Herald and the Edinburgh Reporter ran a piece post event. Read a copy of the article here

Feedback[edit source]

A selection of feeback comments made post event:

“This was an excellent event. I have used Wikipedia many times, but didn’t realise how easy it was to edit. Having Sara give us a step-by-step guide on how to start has given me the confidence to feel that I could contribute more to Wikipedia in the future. The afternoon was beautifully organised, and it was great to have a social time afterwards and get to meet some others in the university after our efforts.”

“I really enjoyed the wiki event and I felt as if I learnt a lot. It is a shame that so few wiki editors are women, so I am pleased to have made a small difference! I am certainly going to improve my biography of Lucy Wyatt (she has got her web page at Sheffield back) and I would like to do more editing in the area of STEM women, but of course only if I have time.”

“Nice and relaxed event, with friendly and helpful people. It nudged me into doing something I’d been meaning to do for ages. I’ll keep working on the new page.”

“This was a really fun and interesting event that was enjoyed immensely by everyone involved. There were some new articles added on the day and also expansion of existing articles, which was great in such a short space of time. What started as simply an event to increase the amount of articles on women in STEM fields on Wikipedia soon became an opportunity for students and staff to learn a completely new skill as well as being instrumental in increasing the number of female editors on Wikipedia.”

What can I do after the event?[edit source]

Get involved!

Become a w:Wiki Ambassador

Learn more about editing:

Further contact

For further information about the event, please contact Debbie Ratcliffe (