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The Board is responsible for the strategic governance of the charity. It normally consists of 10 members who act as both trustees of the charity and as directors of the company. The majority of board members are elected by the membership, usually an Annual General Meeting, while some are co-opted for specific skills and experience. See below for the legal duties and responsibilities of board members.

The role of the Wikimedia UK board

Wikimedia UK's 10-person volunteer board provides strategic guidance, direction and oversight for the charity as a whole while recognising and respecting the domain of staff and volunteer responsibility. In particular, it:

  • sets and maintains our direction, vision, mission and values, and helps develop strategy for effective charitable impact
  • sets and maintains the policies, practices, budgets and other processes necessary to deliver those aims
  • selects and supports the CEO who has oversight of operations, staff and employment procedures
  • maintains fiscal oversight and accountability, including risk management and ensuring that the charity operates in a prudent and solvent manner
  • ensures that the law and our Articles of Association are complied with
  • promotes and champions the charity
  • maintains its own effectiveness as a board

Board members

  • Sangeet Bhullar - Trustee (appointed as replacement elected trustee, January 2019; elected 2019, term expires July 2022)
  • Andrea Chandler - Trustee (elected 2019, term expires July 2022)
  • Lorna Campbell - Trustee (elected 2016; term expires July 2022)
  • Jane Carlin - Trustee (co-opted; term expires Sept 2020)
  • Josie Fraser - Chair (elected 2016; term expires July 2022)
  • Nick Poole - Trustee (elected 2017; term expires July 2020)
  • Doug Taylor - Trustee (elected 2017; term expires July 2020)
  • Kate West - HR trustee (co-opted; term expires Sept 2019)
  • Marnie Woodward - Treasurer (co-opted; term expires Sept 2020)
  • Rod Ward - Trustee (elected July 2019; term expires July 2021)

See also Trustee officer roles.


Sangeet Bhullar

Photo of Sangeet Bhullar

Sangeet has been a Trustee since January 2019. She is the Founder and Director of WISE KIDS, which focuses on New Media Literacy Education, Digital Citizenship, Online Safety and Digital Well-being. In the last 17 years, Sangeet has worked with thousands of young people, parents and professionals in the UK, Singapore and Malaysia, addressing these themes. She is passionate about young people’s own voices, rights and agency in addressing risk, harm, opportunity and well-being online. She is a member of a number of Welsh government and non-government committees.

Sangeet's term runs until the 2024 AGM.


Sangeet's term runs until the 2022 AGM.

Lorna Campbell

Lorna Campbell

Lorna has been a trustee of Wikimedia UK since July 2016. She has been involved in the open education technology community since 1997 and currently works with the OER Service at the University of Edinburgh. Her main areas of expertise include digital infrastructure for open educational resources, open education policy, open licences, and technologies for supporting the management and distribution of educational content.

Lorna's term runs until the 2022 AGM.

Jane Carlin

Jane has been a trustee of Wikimedia UK since September 2018. She has served in a wide range of senior finance roles within the publishing and wider media sector, including within Educational publishing, and brings a strong commercial finance, international and compliance skills to the board. Jane is a chartered management accountant and she chairs the Audit and Risk Committee.

Jane’s co-opted term expires in September 2020.


Josie Fraser

Josie Fraser

Josie has been a Trustee since July 2015, and Chair of Wikimedia UK since July 2017. She is a Social and Educational Technologist, currently working as Senior Technology Advisor for UK Government, in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. She is an expert in the relationship between education and technology and a vocal advocate for free and open knowledge.

She chairs the board's Governance Committee.

Josie's term runs until the 2022 AGM.


Nick Poole

Nick Poole

Nick has been a trustee of Wikimedia UK since July 2015. Nick is the Chief Executive Officer of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. His previous roles include serving as CEO of the Collections Trust and Chair of the Europeana Network. He brings extensive knowledge of and influence in the international GLAM community, and has strong connections to policymakers and funders in the UK and Europe.

Nick's term runs until the 2020 AGM.


Doug Taylor

Doug Taylor

Doug has been a trustee of Wikimedia UK since July 2015, having previously served on the board during 2012-13. Doug is a long-standing active Wikimedia volunteer and Lead Trainer for WMUK, and is a retired teacher and IT professional.

Doug's term runs until the 2020 AGM.


Kate West

Kate West

Kate has been a trustee of Wikimedia UK since October 2013. She is Chief Operating Officer at the Electoral Reform Society, and brings strong governance, management, policy and planning skills. She is a member of the Audit and Risk Committee and the Governance Committee and also deals with board-level HR issues (she is the trustee who counter-signs staff annual reviews and will adjudicate in the event of any disagreement).

Kate's co-opted term runs until the end of September 2019.


Marnie Woodward

Marnie Woodward in the Wikimedia UK office

Marnie has been Treasurer and trustee of Wikimedia UK since September 2018. She is a Chartered Management Accountant, and has been involved in the charity sector as a finance director for most of her professional career, having worked with the Dulwich Picture Gallery, the Mental Health Foundation, the Musicians Benevolent Fund and RPS Rainer among others. Previously she was a trustee and the chair of the Finance and Administration Committee of the Church Urban fund. She brings knowledge and experience of financial and organisational issues across a range of charitable enterprises. Marnie sits on the Audit and Risk Committee.

Marnie’s co-opted term expires in September 2020.


Rod Ward

Rod Ward

Rod has been a trustee since July 2019. He is a nurse who worked in the NHS before entering higher education. His teaching and research has related to the use of the internet and open access to knowledge. His first edited Wikipedia in 2004 since which he has made over 200,000 edits and has been the primary author of 50 pieces of featured content.

Rod's term runs until the 2021 AGM.



Board members are directors of the charity, and trustees. They have certain legal duties and responsibilities, which include: [1]

  1. to act only within the powers given to them by the Articles of Association
  2. to act in good faith and with integrity to promote the success of the charity in achieving its objects
  3. to use the charity's resources reasonably and only for the promotion of its objects
  4. to exercise independent judgement and reasonable care, skill and diligence and consider getting external professional advice on all matters where there may be material risk to the charity
  5. to avoid conflicts of interest, declare them where necessary in accordance with applicable law and not to accept benefits from third parties where these may give rise to a conflict of interest
  6. to avoid undertaking activities that might place the charity's assets or reputation at undue risk, and to ensure that the charity remains solvent.

In addition, trustees are required to ensure that the charity complies with its other legal duties such as those arising from being an employer and its reporting obligations to Companies House, the Charity Commission, and the tax authorities. Trustees are in addition required to comply with the charity's Conflict of Interest Policy.

To be eligible to act as a trustee, you must:

  • be member of the charity
  • be prepared to publicly disclose your real name, date of birth, and the names of any other companies of which you are a director
  • be over the age of 16.

You cannot act as a trustee if you are disqualified under the Charities Act[2]. This includes if you:

  • are disqualified as a company director
  • have an unspent conviction for an offence involving dishonesty or deception (such as fraud)
  • are an undischarged bankrupt (or subject to sequestration in Scotland), or have a current composition or arrangement including an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) with your creditors
  • have been removed as a trustee of any charity by the Charity Commission (or the court) because of misconduct or mismanagement

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  2. See Charities Act 1993