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Wikimedia UK is the Wikimedia chapter covering the United Kingdom. We exist to help collect, develop and distribute freely licensed knowledge (and other educational, cultural and historic material). We do this by bringing the Wikimedia community in the UK together, and by building links with UK-based cultural institutions, universities, charities and other bodies. We also represent UK-based Wikimedians to the Wikimedia Foundation and the global Wikimedia movement.

Wikimedia UK is looking to its future plans with regard to one of its key targets:

G4 Encourage and support technological innovation[edit | edit source]

This goal relates to our use of and support for technology, particularly software.

  • We understand that with efficient use of technology we can significantly increase our own impact. But we want to go beyond that by supporting technical innovation more broadly to allow others in the Wikimedia movement and the Open Knowledge sector to benefit as well.
  • G4.1 There are robust and efficient tools readily available to enable the creation, curation and dissemination of Open Knowledge.
  • G4.2 There are robust and efficient tools readily available to allow WMUK - and related organisations - to support our own programmes and to enable us to effectively record impact measures.

In order to set firm foundations for this work we are looking for a contractor to undertake a scoping exercise to report to the Board of Wikimedia UK with proposals for how best we can achieve our mission in this respect.

Outline[edit | edit source]

Specifically the contractor will provide a report containing:

  • An outline of day-­to-day technology requirements for the charity.
  • An outline of technology project work/programme the charity is conducting.
  • An outline of technology project work/programme the charity would like to conduct.
  • An itemisation of reporting/metrics for review.
  • Estimates of costs/budget for the charity to implement the proposals.
  • Details of any staffing required to implement the proposals.

You will understand the background to our mission and the sort of development opportunities our chapter might be able to pursue.

You will consult with our community and other stakeholders and produce plans that can be implemented over future years.

To tender we will need:

  • A detailed role description for the management of this work
  • An estimation of time requirements for the work
  • An explanation of why you feel you have the experience to undertake this work
  • References from two clients/colleagues who have experience of your work in a similar area.
  • A total costing for the work.

All tenders to be received by 5pm on Friday the 16th of May. By email please to

Any questions about this should also be sent to this address. We will be happy to help.