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Wikimedia UK trustees have a duty to make their conflicts of interests known, and to abstain from decisions where those conflicts may influence the decisions they make on behalf of the charity. This page documents the declarations of interest that the current trustees have made. WMUK staff may also use this page to declare conflicts of interest that they have that may influence the advice they provide to the Board. Records of past trustee and staff COIs are on the archive page.

Some interests may exceptionally need to be declared in a confidential manner. These are recorded on the office wiki, and the Chief Exec will have been made aware of them and will flag resulting issues as needed.

Staff declarations of interests, should any occur, will be dealt with directly by the Chief Executive, and will be recorded here as appropriate. The Chief Exec's interests will be recorded here by default.

Situations that arise where interests have been declared and managed are recorded in the minutes of board meetings.

General guidance for managing declarations of interests for charity trustees can be found here.


Greyham Dawes

No conflicts of personal interests nor conflicts of loyalties that could reasonably be seen as requiring to be disclosed and managed in connection with my directorship of Wikimedia UK

Chris Keating

  • I am employed as a fundraiser by NDCS, and previously by King's College London and Parkinson's UK. Wikimedia UK has worked with some of these organisations in the past, with occasional editathons, but there has been no financial commitment to these relationships. While the situation hasn't yet arisen, I would naturally recuse myself from discussions relating to a current or former employer if.
  • I have been a member of the Liberal Democrats since 1997, and was a staff member there between 2002-2010. In May 2014 I was a Lib Dem candidate the London Borough of Lambeth. To avoid the appearance of a conflict of loyalties I would recuse myself from any discussions in Wikimedia UK regarding the Liberal Democrats, though this situation has not so far arisen. (If you look at my editing history, you will see that some of my first edits were on Lib Dem related topics, though none since 2006.)
  • Some of the trainers in Midas Training Solutions also provide "Train the Trainer" workshops as part of the Liberal Democrats' volunteer training programme, and I went on such a training course in 2004. I also worked with some of those people (in a voluntary capacity on both sides) in developing and delivering training sessions. I was not involved in the decision to select Midas as the supplier of Wikimedia UK's "Train the Trainer" programme, which resulted from a fair and open tender process. While there is no financial interest, I am aware that there might be considered to be a conflict of loyalties in this situation, and I intend to recuse myself from similar matters in future.

Michael Maggs

I am not aware of any current or likely potential conflict of interest or loyalty. In my previous role as partner of Kilburn & Strode LLP until March 2013 I provided legal (intellectual property) advice to a variety of clients, and acted adverse to a number of organizations. In the event that any of my previous professional activities give rise to a future conflict or perception of conflict I will disclose that immediately and will update my public statement here. I am a bureaucrat at Wikimedia Commons, as well as a member of the OTRS team, in which roles I may have access to some limited non-public information.

Carol Campbell

During my life I have been involved with a number of charities as an employee and as a trustee. I was previously Cathedral Executive Officer at Ely Cathedral, and I am currently a member of the Iona Community. I am not aware that any of these current or past commitments could reasonably be seen as conflicting with my role at WMUK but will amend my statement if the situation changes.

Kate West

I was an employee of the Charity Commission between 2003-2007 where I held a number of different positions. I did not work for the Commission when WMUK was registered as a charity and had no involvement in the process. I have since worked for political think tank Demos, and I am currently Chief Operating Officer at the Electoral Reform Society. I am not aware that any of these current or past commitments could reasonably be seen as conflicting with my role at WMUK.

Gill Hamilton

I have a salaried post as Digital Access Manager at National Library of Scotland. The Library employs a Wikimedian-in-Residence, and to that end has a formal agreement with Wikimedia UK. In the past WMUK has part funded this post but currently it is fully funded by the Library. I am the line manager of the Wikimedian. Should the Library in the future seek funding or grants from WMUK to further support the Wikimedian or activities associated with their role, I would recuse from any board discussions. I am an elected member of council for the Europeana Foundation serving until December 2016 and a participant & occasional host for Open Knowledge Foundation Edinburgh chapter meetups.

Nick Poole

I am an employee of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), in which capacity I occasionally provide informal and unpaid advice to cultural heritage organisations, public sector bodies, broadcasters, commercial companies, civil servants, funding agencies and Government departments relating to open knowledge and technology. I provide this advice with due regard to any potential conflicts of interest and in the event of a possible conflict would recuse myself from the relevant Wikimedia UK Board discussions and decisions.

Current Trusteeships: I currently hold no other Trusteeships

I have formerly held the following governance roles:

  • Chair, Europeana Network & member of the Europeana Foundation Board
  • Chair, International Council of Museums (UK)
  • Councillor and Treasurer of CILIP
  • Trustee of the Museums Association
  • Trustee of the Golden Hinde Trust
  • Trustee of the Museums & Galleries Disability Association


  • I am a member of the UNESCO Blue Shield Committee for the UK

Directorships: I currently hold the following company Directorships

  • Shibori Bags UK Ltd (Director)
  • Museum and Gallery Services Ltd (Director)
  • (Director)

I hold no political affiliation and am not aware of any conflict of interest or loyalty in my directorship of Wikimedia UK arising from the above.

Doug Taylor

Although now retired, there are some areas where I may still retain an interest, or may appear to have an interest that could potentially conflict:

  • I used to have a part of UHY Hacker Young, our current auditors, as a client for my company over six years ago.
  • I may still carry out some unpaid work for Metropolis 2 Ltd.
  • I retired in 2014 as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the charity, Job Change, and Chair of the social enterprise, Job Change 2007.
  • I retired in 2012 as Vice-Chair of the Regulations Committee of OCR.

My directorships, past and present, may be viewed at

I serve on the board of WikiProject Med Foundation, a Wikimedia user group and thematic organisation to promote the development of medical content on Wikimedia projects. Although the objects of the organisation align with our own, I will nevertheless recuse from all discussions or decisions related to WPMEDF to ensure that any conflict of loyalties is avoided.

Josie Fraser

I am an employee of Leicester City Council, working as ICT Strategy Lead (Children’s Capital). I provide advice to the authority and to school communities relating to the use of technology to support education communities, including information relating to copyright, open educational practice and open educational resources.

I also undertake occasional paid consultancy work, including delivering talks and workshops relating to the use of technology to support learning, education, and organisational development.

I currently hold no other Trusteeships or Directorships.

I am not a current or past member of any political party.

I am not aware of any current or likely potential conflicts of interest or loyalty arising from my personal interests, current employment, or any previous positions and associations. I will report any potential conflict of interest in relation to my role as Trustee for Wikimedia UK, and recluse myself from any related Board discussions and decisions.


Staff declarations of interests, should any occur, will be dealt with directly by the Chief Executive and recorded here as appropriate. The Chief Exec's interests will be recorded here by default.

Lucy Crompton-Reid, Chief Executive

  • Former employers: Apples and Snakes, House of Lords, Arts Council England, Refugee Council, Arts & Business, National Theatre, The Space
  • Political affiliation: Member of the Green Party, Affiliated member of the Women's Equality Party