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Derby GLAM (Galleries Libraries Archives and Museums

"Backstage Pass tour" at Derby Museums on 9th April 2011 - In a nutshell

Where?: Derby Museums - meet at Derby Museum and Art Gallery
When?: 10:30 Saturday 9th April, 2011
Who can attend?: Any Wikipedian! (ie anybody) (this event is now closed)
Short url:
Hashtag: #glamderby or #glamwiki (for Twitter)
Tag: glamderby (for blog posts, YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, etc)

What is it?

A Backstage Pass tour is an event aimed at sharing the expertise of real-world cultural institutions with our wiki-expertise. Principally this involves an organisation or interest group hosting a private tour for the benefit of local Wikimedians and in reciprocation we help improve the content on Wikipedia that is relevant to that organisation.

Simply put the day was in three parts:

  1. Private guided tour of 'backstage' areas of the museum with the experts.
  2. Lunch together (sponsored by Wikimedia UK and Derby Museums)
  3. Sitting down with the curators individually/small groups to collaborate on topics discussed during the tour.

This event was organised in collaboration with Wikimedia UK and was the first time a museum outside London has sat down with Wikipedians. The contact person for this activity was Roger Bamkin aka Victuallers The work to improve Wikipedia's content on Derby's collections and archives will continue long after this day's event. See the GLAM-Derby page for full information about what needs doing, and what's been achieved so far.


Saturday, April 9th, 2011 at Derby Museum and Art Gallery. See the Museum's getting here instructions for directions. (8:25 am from St Pancras, London arr. Derby 10:09 am (8:55 am arr. 10:25 am) 15 minutes walk to city centre from Derby)

Download as an ics file to add to your calendar.

Coffee from 10:00 ask at the Information desk. Do bring your own laptop.

Derby Museums have been bold enough to get involved with this project. They are keen to integrate their collection with communities, online and in real life and therefore we are a good way to do that. Like many museums in the U.K. they are currently restructuring as they adapt to a changing economic climate. They have closed one of their museums, but they reopened it for this event. An ambitious programme of building work was in progress during the event, therefore some exhibits weren't available, but the museum brought out a number of usually hidden artefacts and showing wikipedians "their backstage areas".


An introduction to GLAM WIKI and what it is and what has been achieved elsewhere and here so far. Some speed dating with artefacts. Followed by lunch and working on-wiki after the tour.

Guest speaker

Terence Eden was talking about QRWP codes. These are like QR codes except that the information is automatically supplied in your language without using translation facilities. This was the first demonstration. Participants were asked to bring smart phone that can read QR codes.


Note: Museum open till 17:00
Derby Museums ‘Backstage Pass’ day for Wikipedians - A Possible Schedule
Time Activity Room Led by
10.15 - 10.30 Meet Foyer of Derby Museum in the Strand
10.30 - 11.00 Introduction to the Derby Museums - Wikimedia UK collaboration Top Floor Gallery Jonathan Wallis, Derby Museums

Roger Bamkin, Wikimedia UK
Andrew Turvey, Wikimedia UK

11.00 - 12.00 Option 1: Tour of Gallery & Painting store (max. 8 people) Art Gallery - Main museum Lucy Salt
Option 2: Hidden Archaeology and Archaeological Archives (max. 8) Top Gallery Rachel Atherton
Option 3: Mystery Tour of Treasures - including ceramics and enlightenment (max. 12) Behind the scenes tour Jonathan Wallis
12.15 - 13.00 Meet for Lunch at Derby Museum and Art Gallery - Curators and Wikipedians
13.00 - 13.30 QRpedia - Making 1 QR code work for every language - New technology Main museum Terence Eden
13.30 - 14.00 Working with Wikipedia - a museum view Main Museum Nick Moyes
14.00 - 15.00 Option 1: Tour of the mothballed Silk Mill Museum (max. 12) Industrial/Silk Mill Museum Roger Shelley
Option 2: Tour of the Museum's main store (max. 12) Behind the scenes tour* Jonathan Wallis
Option 3: Local Studies Archive Highlights (max. 10) Behind the scenes tour* Mark Young
Option 4: Natural History Treasures, Herbarium, White Watson (max. 10) Top Floor Gallery* Nick Moyes
15.00 - 15.30 Tea and then General discussion Top Floor Gallery of main museum All
15.30 - 15:50 Q & A Expert panel
15.50 - 16.00 Thanks and announcement of the Wright Challenge Jonathan Wallis
18.00 onwards Optional End and Pub Standing Order, nearby (it's filled with Derby Museum reproductions, and their Abbott Ale is excellent. Food good and inexpensive, too!) (map) All invited

Who (Wikimedians)

First come, first served! The participants were asked to bring laptops to collaborate during the second part of the day.

The curators "pitched" objects that are their personal favourites so that participants could work with them to start articles – following assessment of "notability"

Other types of content that could be improved:

  • Articles about existing articles of specific artefacts in the museum collection. See Category:Collections of Derby Museum and Art Gallery
  • Using photographs/information about Derby Museum objects to improve other more generic topics
  • Suggesting text that Derby Museums own that could be incorporated into Wikipedia if it had appropriate copyright licensing.
  • The museum's own article

Sign Up


  1. Victuallers + 1
  2. Parkywiki
  3. Clemrutter
  4. MikeGara
  5. JamesGara
  6. en:Derby Archaeology Society (two delegates)
  7. en:Derby Archaeology Society
  8. Ironholds (by email)
  9. Andrew Turvey (by email)
  10. Ron Broxted
  11. Sam Smith (MuBu)
  12. Museums Association delegate
  13. Chevin
  14. MeganGara
  15. Erin Hollis
  16. Andy Mabbett (Pigsonthewing) - Herbarium and Natural History, please.
  17. Dave.Dunford
  18. Dave.Dunford 's friend
  19. Gerti
  20. donegalbundoran
  21. Mark Young - Local Studies Library
  22. Nev1 Wish I could, but no. Nev1 03:08, 9 April 2011 (UTC)
  23. Gemma Griffiths - Wikimedia PR
  24. @richardmackney
  25. @hannahfox

Interested (but not confirmed yet):

  1. Sparklism +2 friends
  2. Rcsprinter
  3. MightyWarrior


  • There is no parking at Derby Museum itself.
  • The nearest, but most expensive, is ParkSafe Multistorey Car Park on Bold Lane. It costs £10 per day, but is only 100metres away and very secure.
  • All other 5hr+ parking is £7 per day. List and postcodes here: [1] Chapel Street Multistorey is nearest and very close to Inner Ring Road. Take junction onto Cathedral Road then turn left onto Chapel Street.
  • Park and Ride info [2] c£2.80 per day. Note that the Pride Park P+R is next to Derby Cnty football and will NOT be open on 9th April as it gets used whenever Derby County plays at home.

There is all day free parking at Chester Green here [3] From car park head walk westwards to cross river, then walk along cycle path into town. (Not easily findable unless you know Derby.)

Any Questions? Add your own.

  1. Do I have to register to attend, or can I just arrive on the day?
    You do not have to register, but preference will be given to those who do by signing up on this page.
  2. Is there a minimum number of Wikipedia edits I have to have made to be allowed to attend?
    Of course not. All are welcome - even if you've never edited Wikipedia before. Being "a Wikipedian" is a self-defined thing, so if you call yourself a Wikipedian (or would like to become one) then come along.
  3. Do I have to be a member of Wikimedia UK?
    No, this is open to all. However if you would like to join Wikimedia UK and get involved in other projects like this or start your own, you can do so here
  4. If I come and take the tour, will I be obliged to make Wikipedia contributions about Derby Museum topics?
    No. As volunteers, there is no obligation to do anything. Of course, it is encouraged for you to stay after the tour to share your wiki-expertise with the interested curators (that's the quid pro quo of this free event after all) but you are under no obligation to do so. Equally, it is hoped that you'll be inspired to write about some of the things/ideas you've seen for Wikipedia and maybe collaborate with the curators doing so, but you don't have to.
  5. Can I bring my camera?
    5b) The museum's policy seems to only allow photography for personal use, which is of no use to Wikimedia, will they allow us to take any photographs for Wikimedia use?
    The policy is a generic one for the public-at-large and is being rewritten and should be available on the day. Nevertheless you can assume that if Derby Museum staff allows you to take photography in a particular area, then they allow you to load the photograph into Wikimedia Commons. Many photographs taken within the public areas of the museum are already uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and the museum has no problem with this.
  6. What about lunch?
    A free lunch will be provided in one of the museums.
  7. How much wiki-expertise/knowledge of Wikimedia policies and procedures will participants be expected to possess?
    None - in fact we are also inviting keen amateur historians in order that we can encourage a new relationship between local historians, museums and Wikipedia.
  8. Do you have to own/bring a laptop?
    It will certainly help if you are intending to assist in the second half of the event - Derby Museums will not be supplying computers for us, only wifi.
  9. It is not stated how many places there are. Will we receive invitations individually after the attendees are chosen?
    No, Derby Museum will place a cap on the number of attendees and that means places have been limited.
    There will be no other official invitation other than the information at this page. You can assume that if this page has not been deleted then just turn up on the day.
  10. Are there age requirements to attend this event?
    There is no minimum (or maximum) age limit - as long as you're interested and have permission from the relevant parent


A few resources have been prepared to advertise the event. Please feel free to create and add any here.


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Past example

Backstage Pass at the British Museum in London - Backstage Pass.

Results of the day

Here's a summary of the Wiki contributions made on the day: