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The EduWiki Conference 2012, at the University of Leicester on 5th and 6th September 2012, will explore the educational potential of Wikipedia and its sister projects (the Wikimedia projects), including the large amount of work already done to get learners improving Wikipedia articles for course credit.

Educators interested in the potential of open, freely available resources and practices will meet with Wikimedia contributors who are supporting education. We invite contributions from the open education movement, whether inside or outside formal education. The main thrust of the conference will be Higher Education, but there can be a stream for Secondary Education as well.

The programme will be assembled on the Wikimedia UK wiki by the same process of good faith collaboration that drives Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Deadline for submissions is 30 June. The format is flexible in light of the submissions we get, and if you have a novel idea for a session, be bold and propose it. Otherwise, please adopt one of the following formats:

Presentation (15 mins plus 5 mins questions)

This is a chance to:

  1. report on a specific educational activity involving Wikimedia projects: what did you do and what did you learn from it?
  2. report on developments in the wider education sector. What is happening and what should educators, institutions or Wikimedia learn from it?
  3. inspire a future direction: what steps can educators, funders or Wikimedia projects take to advance open education? What mistakes are we now making?

Presentation submissions should be accompanied by a 100-150 word abstract.

Panel session (40 mins)

This is a chance to talk through a diversity of viewpoints on a broad issue. If you think you would make a good panellist, please outline your present affiliations in education or in Wikimedia projects and any relevant past experience. Please also write, in one sentence, a controversial statement, about open education or about Wikimedia in education, that you would be prepared to defend.

Panel sessions might alternatively be run as a Consensus debate. This is a format based on how we work in Wikimedia, in which opposed speakers have to negotiate a common statement.

Themes[edit | edit source]

It will help us if you identify a broad theme that your presentation is addressing, which could be one of the following:

  • The Wikipedia Education Program
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Critical thinking, digital literacy and wiki-literacy
  • Assessment and accreditation
  • Open learning communities such as Wikiversity
  • Secondary and further education
  • The meanings and benefits of "open" education

The conference begins on Wednesday morning and ends after lunch on the Thursday. Please indicate if you are unable to make either day.

Making a submission[edit | edit source]

Email your suggestion to . Thank you!