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The nearest airport to Leicester is East Midlands Airport, with direct flights to approximately 90 destinations in 28 countries. The Leicester Skylink bus service operates a frequent service (every 30 minutes during the day and hourly at night) connecting the airport with Leicester St Margaret's Bus Station. There is also a taxi rank outside St Margaret's.

East Midlands Airport (from outside UK): +44 1332 852 852

Leicester is also accessible from multiple other airports in th UK, including:

The airport has a train station attached, from which Leicester is accessible with one change at Birmingham New Street (10 minutes away). There is also a coach service (one change).

There are regular train services from Luton Airport Parkway to Leicester.

Coach services also run from the airport.

There are regular trains from Gatwick with a change at St Pancras station in London. A coach service operates to Leicester at St. Margaret's Bus Station.

Stansted has a direct train connection to Leicester.

There is a direct coach service from Leicester to Heathrow Airport. Further travel options can be found on the airport's page.

You can take a taxi to Leicester from a majority of the airports, for some details please see here.

Visa issues

Yellow: Visa required
Blue: No visa required
Grey: Visa unknown

The United Kingdom is a member country of the European Union. This means that all citizens of EU member states with a valid travel document (passport or European ID card) are allowed to travel freely within the European Union (including the UK) for up to 3 months.

Many people from other regions will also be able to visit the UK without a visa. To determine whether you will need a visa to visit the UK, go to The nature of any visa required will depend on your nationality and your current country of residence. The typical cost for a VISA for a short visit to the UK is £76.[1]

The following individuals can enter the United Kingdom without a visa:

As of right

All the countries below have visa-free access to the UK for at least 90 days.

Icons-flag-ad.png Andorra
Icons-flag-ar.png Argentina
Icons-flag-au.png Australia
Icons-flag-at.png Austria*
Icons-flag-bs.png Bahamas
Icons-flag-be.png Belgium*
Icons-flag-br.png Brazil
Icons-flag-bg.png Bulgaria*
Icons-flag-ca.png Canada
Icons-flag-cl.png Chile
Icons-flag-cr.png Costa Rica
Icons-flag-hr.png Croatia
Icons-flag-cy.png Cyprus*
Icons-flag-cz.png Czech Republic*
Icons-flag-dk.png Denmark*
Icons-flag-sv.png El Salvador
Icons-flag-ee.png Estonia*
Icons-flag-fi.png Finland*
Icons-flag-fr.png France*
Icons-flag-de.png Germany*
Icons-flag-gr.png Greece*
Icons-flag-gt.png Guatemala
Icons-flag-hn.png Honduras
Icons-flag-hu.png Hungary*
Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland*
Icons-flag-il.png Israel
Icons-flag-it.png Italy*
Icons-flag-jp.png Japan
Icons-flag-lv.png Latvia*
Icons-flag-li.png Liechtenstein
Icons-flag-lt.png Lithuania*
Icons-flag-lu.png Luxembourg*
Icons-flag-my.png Malaysia
Icons-flag-mt.png Malta*
Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico
Icons-flag-mc.png Monaco
Icons-flag-nl.png Netherlands*
Icons-flag-nz.png New Zealand
Icons-flag-ni.png Nicaragua
Icons-flag-no.png Norway
Icons-flag-pa.png Panama
Icons-flag-py.png Paraguay
Icons-flag-pl.png Poland*
Icons-flag-pt.png Portugal*
Icons-flag-ro.png Romania*
Icons-flag-sm.png San Marino
Icons-flag-sg.png Singapore
Icons-flag-sk.png Slovakia*
Icons-flag-si.png Slovenia*
Icons-flag-kr.png Republic of Korea
Icons-flag-es.png Spain*
Icons-flag-se.png Sweden*
Icons-flag-ch.png Switzerland
Icons-flag-tw.png Taiwan
Icons-flag-us.png United States
Icons-flag-uy.png Uruguay
Icons-flag-va.png Vatican City State
Icons-flag-ve.png Venezuela

* - European Union member states