EduWiki Conference 2013/SWOT analysis

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This sub-page is intended to offer WMUK attendees, and particularly speakers, staff and volunteers directly involved in the event to feedback on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to EduWiki Conference 2013. If you attended EduWiki 2013 and/or worked on the team organising the conference, please feel free to add you feedback below or on the talk page.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Continuity from EduWiki 2012
  • Good number of delegates
  • Balanced programme of keynotes, speakers and workshops
  • Two streams so people could choose what they are more interested in. All sessions apart from one had sufficient attendance to be worthwhile
  • Involvement of Welsh-language Wikipedia
  • Live translation for Welsh-language section
  • Tie-in with Cardiff 2 meetup - larger attendance
  • Presence from the Foundation allowed to showcase a variety of projects happening in the UK
  • Not enough continuity from EduWiki 2012
  • Slides, videos and images not available on commons quickly enough
  • There could be more academics present, especially people new to wiki projects that we could engage with
  • Location - it would be better if the event was hosted at an university
Opportunities Threats
  • Developing a Students Society at Cardiff University
  • Using Wikimania 2014 to capacity build towards EduWiki 2014
  • Losing the momentum towards EduWiki 2014 due to Wikimania 2014
  • Not engaging enough local volunteers into the event