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This page is a place to record education-related projects that have been discussed or proposed in the past but haven't reached a stage of full implementation. We can also use this page as a sandbox to record new ideas, sketch out new proposals and find ways to activate projects with potential that have stopped moving for whatever reason.

This project was initially a partnership between Wikimedia UK, Digital Disruption and Demos. The main intention of the project was to promote a programme of digital literacy and digital fluency for young people, using Wikimedia projects / a Media Wiki platform, to teach important online skills such as identifying credible sources, research skills, online copy writing and so on. The reason the project hasn't progressed beyond this point is because there hasn't been available funding to conduct the research necessary to demonstrate the need required to develop the programme. It may be that there is potential to reinvigorate this project at a later stage in a different way.

Wikimedia UK has worked on some preliminary investigation into how Mozilla's Open Badges scheme may be used in relation to Wikimedia projects. A short one-pager outlining some of the thinking around this is linked above. Key ideas include the VLE and for accreditation for Train the Trainers.