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Anyone delivering training on behalf of Wikimedia UK is asked to collect anonymous evaluations from attendees. This page discusses that process.

This page is aimed at anyone delivering training. It is not about peer assessment of people giving the training.


Evaluation forms

  • remind learners of the goals of the session and prompt them to reflect on what they have learned.
  • invite learners to make a commitment, for example to continue to improve Wikipedia articles or to enthuse to other people.
  • elicit suggestions to help the trainer improve. Even if you've delivered a session that everyone is delighted with, it is worth looking for things to try differently next time.
  • provide suggestions to help improve the design of training sessions.

Potential pitfalls

  • Give people time to fill out the forms: don't hand them out at the end of the day when people are rushing off. If the training ends with a session in which people are working at their computers, distribute the forms during that session.
  • If you get unconstructive feedback, don't take it personally. Not everyone takes naturally to being a Wikimedia contributor or shares the community's values. Continue to treat everyone in the room with respect.
  • If you get a lot of suggestions for things that should be done differently, don't take it personally. Remember that attendees are required by this process to suggest changes.
  • If you get positive feedback and thanks, take it personally.
  • If you have a colleague helping you deliver training, get them to distribute and collect the forms. Summarise and discuss them together.


Forms can be tailored to the training that they assess. Editable document files cannot be shared through this wiki, so you would need to take this text, edit to substitute in the aims of the session and future actions, then print out in a readable format with plenty of space for people to add comments. A generic form is available.

Generic form as printable pdf

Thank you for attending this Wikimedia UK event!

We will use this questionnaire to make future events and workshops better, so please do share your thoughts with us. Thank you.

Please rate the quality of the following. (rate from 1-5 where 1=not satisfying/not useful and 5=Very satisfying/useful)
  • The workshop in general
  • Content
  • Trainers
  • Materials available
  • Your confidence to edit Wikipedia
  • Your understanding of Wikipedia

Please do add comments ­ especially if it would help us improve

How likely are you to continue editing Wikipedia? tick one that applies

Very unlikely / Somewhat unlikely / Unsure / Somewhat likely / Very likely


Please write three words/expressions which describe this workshop for you
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Tell us at least one thing that would have improved this workshop for you.

Further comments -­ anything positive or negative that you would like to share!


If you would prefer your comments not be used in future Wikimedia UK publicity please tick
  • No thank you

How may we contact you? (we will not share your email externally, and will only share the results of this survey in an anonymous way)

Thank you for taking part.