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This is a list of expenses incurred by the Chief Executive and trustees during the financial year 2015-16. Expenses are listed quarterly by date of the expense being incurred by the charity (eg the date a hotel is paid for or the date an expense claim is received) which may not be in the same quarter that the expense was reimbursed.

For details of compliance with Charity Commission recommendations, see Trustee Expenses.

These tables are not in themselves a reliable means of judging trustees. Some trustees will inevitably have to claim more travelling expenses than others because of where they live, or because of their need to travel to the office more often. Sometimes a trustee will pay on a personal credit card for other trustees and/or volunteers (for example for a meal), and that would show as an unusually large expense claim. Claims relating to a specific event will not all necessarily fall into the same quarter. Some trustees may claim reimbursement promptly while the claims of others may fall into a later quarter.

If you would like more information on any specific item of expenditure, please ask on the talk page. For details, see our transparency page.

Table last updated 30 November 2015:

Trustees Travel Subsistence Accommodation Other
Chris Keating 1,181 45 199 561
Saad Choudhri (200)
Michael Maggs 921 26 202 343
Alastair McCapra 282
Kate West 30
Carol Campbell 719
Simon Knight 123 54
Gill Hamilton 169 57
All trustees 3,425 (75) 458 904
Chief Executive 4,294 413 483 150
Trustees and CE 7,719 338 941 1,054