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This is the sixth report from the Jisc/ Wikimedia UK partnership project, covering February and some of March 2014.

Extension of the project

The original end date was the start of April, but an extension has been agreed to April 23rd. Less expenses have been incurred than anticipated, but more time has been spent on project management and financial matters. This extension allows the planned activity to be completed and gives more time for event follow-up. Hence it's during April, rather than March, that I will be doing the detailed evaluation and reporting on the project.


Wellcome Library editathon

This had seventeen attendees (plus myself and four Wikipedian trainers). Evaluation feedback is at Wellcome Library editathon Details of what happened on-wiki are at wikipedia:Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/Wellcome Library editathon 2014.

Coventry University workshop

This had sixteen attendees, twelve of whom said they would do something new as a result of the session. See Expert_outreach/Jisc_Ambassador/Research_impact_and_open_education#Coventry. There is interest in a follow-up event to give hands-on experience of Wikipedia editing.

Jisc Digital Festival

I attended both days and ran two sessions. The education workshop had 22 attendees.

Future events

The target for number of events has been met, but I am still pursuing more internal events in Jisc and a University of Bristol workshop.


The largest project deliverable, a ten-thousand-word infoKit on Crowdsourcing, has gone live on Jisc infoNet. It has been publicised in blog posts by WMUK, my blog and Jisc infoNet.

I am following up with Jisc comms about the creation of a Jisc Guide to accompany the infoKit.

The "Ten ways educators can use Wikipedia" listicle has attracted a lot of attention on Twitter and seems to be the most popular item in Jisc's online magazine: view statistics will be available soon (two weeks after its publication).

A lot of Jisc's education activity is focused on the topic of digital literacy. To show the relevance of this project I wrote a blog post which has been much discussed on Twitter.

Events requested as a result of this project

This is a round-up of requests received during the project.

  • The Wellcome Trust have requested a training workshop for staff.
  • The Royal Veterinary College want another editathon in the Autumn.
  • Oxford University want to make the Women In Science editathon into an annual event.
  • Bath Spa University want a workshop as part of their eLearning day.
  • Coventry University requested a workshop as a result of EduWiki (this has happened)
  • Imperial College, London, requested a workshop with an emphasis on Wikimedia for medical education (but don't have a slot in the time frame of this project)
  • University of Leicester are interested in an education workshop.
  • Ruth Page of the University of Leicester (contact made at EduWiki) has asked me to collaborate on a possible event on Wikipedia in school education.
  • Coventry University are possibly interested in an editing workshop.