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This is the fifth report from the Jisc/ Wikimedia UK partnership project, covering January 2014.


The Wikimedia for Research Impact and Open Education workshop at Bath Spa University only had 5 attendees, seemingly due to industrial action. Feedback is online and was extremely positive: they have requested an event for their eLearning day in the Summer, which will have an audience of about 50.

Future events

As a result of my sessions at the EduWiki Conference, Coventry University have requested a workshop. This will take place in the first week of March. Excluding the truncated version at EduWiki, this will be the fifth instance of the workshop.

Fourteen people have signed up for the Wellcome Library editathon, with three weeks of publicity yet to go. This will be the project's third public editathon. The Wellcome Trust have already requested a follow-up event for their own staff.

Two sessions were accepted for the Jisc Digital Festival: a helpdesk/"surgery" and a one hour workshop about educational uses of Wikipedia. This event will take place in March.

We're still in the process of setting a date for an internal Jisc event.


Crowdsourcing: Working the Wiki Way

A lot of January was taken up with a sprint to create the bulk of the content for the "Crowdsourcing: Working the Wiki Way" infokit. 9,500 words of body text and about 4,500 words of flowchart have been delivered. Initial feedback from reviewers is positive apart from some bits where changes have since been made. The infokit will go online at the end of February. The present intention is to make it a Wikibook as well as a Jisc infokit.

A condensed version of the infokit will appear as a Jisc Guide at about the same time.

Jisc Inform

I've completed and submitted an 800-word "Ten ways educators can use Wikipedia" listicle for Jisc's online magazine. This will go online 6th March. The editors are happy for the text to have a CC-BY-SA licence and to be simultaneously published by Wikimedia UK.

Case studies

Thanks to Peter Findlay for setting up the Jisc Wikimedia Ambassador blog and to Stevie Benton for publishing on the Wikimedia UK blog. An introductory post and the Humphrey Southall case study are already online.

A case study about publishing academic papers on Wikipedia will go live this week, and a post explaining some ideas for using Wikipedia in teaching digital literacy will be lined up for next week. Another case study is partly written.

Influence on other projects

David Kay has confirmed that Wikimedia UK are recommended as a partner organisation in the Spotlight on the Digital report, an internal Jisc document which sets out national and local recommendations on how to maximise the impact of scholarly content. My input to this project is available publicly on the Jisc Digitisation and Content Programme blog.

Coleg Cymraeg's announcement of a Wikipedian In Residence was partly influenced by the existence of the Jisc Wikimedia Ambassador post. I had an audio meeting with the college principal to explain my project and the contract.

This page has been created as part of the 2013-14 partnership between Jisc and Wikimedia UK
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