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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Getting GLAMS to come out British Museum event 30,000 hits within 6 hours BBC using raw wikipedia information Possibility of writing labels in museums Moved ahead at Derby Museum Created QR codes and put stickers up Almost immediately 15 languages Guerilla coding with QR labels being stuck all sorts of places Even a dead pigeon can be notable!

QR Codes[edit | edit source]

Works on all cameraphones not just iphones Really taking off Rosetta Stone, but BM has only 3 paragraphs in interpretation panel and only in English How do we create partnerships between wikipedia and GLAM organisations to work to move beyond this QR codes enables mobile phone access to wikipedia page Detects phone language and responds appropriately from the single code Can be used when exhibitions travel abroad e.g Tate exhibition going to Catalonia Could be used by BL:

  • Lindisfarne gospel available in several languages
  • Diamond Sutra
  • Jane Austen History of England searches for related pages if there is no article in the relevant language


  • QR code for every exhibit
  • Linked to mobile wikipedia
  • Automatically detects user's language
  • Low Capital costs
  • Low administration overhead

QR codes are free and open and only require black and white printing

Points for discussion[edit | edit source]

  1. WMUK organises two events for wikimedians, one in the autumn and one in the New Year to take forward what we mean by ambassadors and how we are going to organise training for new editors
  2. the development of games as teaching tools: see
  3. Concern over the profusion of wikis: where shall we put stuff?