GovCom minutes 2021-05-27

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GovCom meeting on Thursday 27th May from 4pm to 5pm



Nick Poole, Lorna Campbell, Rod Ward, Lucy Crompton-Reid, Katie Crampton (minuting)


Rosie Chapman

Declarations of interest relating to matters on the agenda


Minutes of last GovCom meeting


Matters arising and not covered elsewhere



Draft agenda/programme

LCR shared a draft agenda with GovCom prior to the meeting. She gave an overview of the AGM morning and afternoon. The feedback last year was about getting members and community input prior to the event. We sent out an email requesting input, but we didn’t receive a response.

LCR met with George Oates and invited her to be a keynote speaker at the AGM.

For the lightning talks we’ll cast an open net and invite people to talk, but also make targeted invitations.

LCR has given more time to questions in the agenda to allow for on the day voting as well as to encourage discussion. RW proposed question sessions after each of the reports. LCR agreed and will amend the agenda accordingly.

NP highlighted that there’s quite a difference between the two types of attendees, one very involved in Wiki and others just like Wikipedia and the charity, so worth clarifying any questions we get if they’re in depth or use acronyms.

LCR outlined the board’s role at the AGM as trustees and advocates, so not the time to criticise the charity. The committee agreed that staff should be able to respond to questions.


LCR shared the draft proposed ordinary resolutions and asked if there were any special resolutions. There was a discussion around the role of resolutions versus policy. We will encourage members to submit resolutions but be clear that suggestions can also be made through questions or at other times and through other mechanisms.

Trustee Elections (including potential new trustees)

We have three vacancies, but RW will be standing again. We’ve already had someone get in touch about standing for election, LCR has met with him. Also had someone come forward back in November, who we encouraged to sit on ARC as well as standing for election.

Honorary Members

GovCom is happy with the current model for electing honorary members. NP suggested using it to highlight people who are very active in open knowledge but unrecognised.

Logistics (including online platform, voting etc)

We’ll be using Zoom again. KC researched voting software, suggested Choice Voting. CILIP used Mi-voice. KC to confirm our preferred option at the full board meeting.

Trustee and Committee Member Codes of Conduct

LCR will revise the committee member code of conduct having taken on board the charity code. She noted that we currently only have two external committee members.

LCR will be adding to the trustee code of conduct for trustees to bring sanctions from the community to the Chair for discussion.

These updates are anticipated to take place prior to the September GovCom meeting.

Update on Chair Recruitment

The advert is up on Guardian Jobs and Charity Jobs. LC, RW and MW will be on the interview panel. Kelly Foster asked by email if we will be inviting people to apply to the Chair role, which trustees are welcome to do. Note that since the time of minuting LC has stepped down from the interview panel as she works with one of the candidates. Chris Keating has stepped in in her place, as a volunteer.


Mailing list discussion re Chair role

There was a discussion about the ability to ban people from the mailing list. RW found a list of rules for the mailing list which includes conduct.

Date and time of the next meeting

Wednesday 1st September 2021 at 4pm.