GovCom minutes 2021-11-25

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Wikimedia UK Governance Committee Meeting Minutes, 25th November, 4-5pm

Introductions and apologies

Attending: Lorna Campbell, Rod Ward, Lucy Crompton-Reid, Katie Crampton (minuting).

Apologies: Monisha Shah and Rosie Chapman.

Declarations of interest relating to matters on the agenda


Minutes of last GovCom meeting for approval

There was a brief overview of the discussion at the last board meeting about the UK mailing list given by KC, who is now a moderator on the list. The Safe Space policy should at some point be sent to the mailing list as a reminder.

All actions have been completed.

Minutes were approved.

Matters arising that are not covered elsewhere


Meeting schedule and format for 2022, including AGM and away day

GovCom reviewed the proposed board meeting dates for 2022, including a February away day. Overall, they were concerned that the proposed schedule could present issues for people who have regular working hours and who may have signed up to the trustee role on the basis of out-of-hours board meetings. There were also concerns that the proposed model could impact our EDI and accessibility aims in recruiting for the board; although it was also acknowledged that evening and weekend meetings can be challenging for parents and carers. GovCom asked that the dates be proposed to the board for discussion.

Action: To add to the full board meeting agenda with a rationale for the changes proposed.

GovCom appreciated the additional information included in the board meeting paper including the regular agenda items and an outline of quarterly strategic ‘deep dives’.

Recruiting a trustee with legal expertise

LCR noted that, following the email discussion with the board, she is working on the recruitment of a trustee with legal skills. We hope to advertise early in the new year, with the aim to recruit someone in time for the March board meeting if possible. LCR noted that she would need to assemble a recruitment panel and RW offered to join MS on this. He also noted that we might consider inviting Michael Maggs onto the panel as a former trustee and solicitor. be invited to the panel. LCR noted that Rosie Chapman has offered advice on recruitment channels for a trustee lawyer.

There was a discussion about what type of lawyer we are looking for. LCR explained that we have solicitors (Stone King) that we pay to advise us, but on an issue by issue basis (for example, when taking out a new Lease or dealing with an employment issue). We would like a trustee who is able to highlight possible issues on our behalf and advise when an issue needs external legal review. RW asked whether we’d like a lawyer that can advise on legislation in our role as campaigners, LCR responded that from her perspective this is mainly about helping the board to identify and manage risks, not support our advocacy work. Ideally someone would join us with a background in either charity law or IP; but that’s not essential. LCR noted that this would be a fourth co-opted trustee, bringing the board to 11 people.



Date of the next meeting

GovCom agreed that a 4pm start still suits them, however given various members’ availability it was agreed that meetings should generally be held on Wednesdays rather than Thursdays going forward.