Govcom Agenda 2016-02-11

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Govcom meeting, 2.30 pm Thursday 11 November at Development House, London.

Apologies[edit | edit source]

Apologies have been received from Kate West

Declarations of interest relating to matters on the agenda[edit | edit source]

Minutes of last Govcom meeting[edit | edit source]

Matters arising[edit | edit source]

Consider cycle of trustee elections and succession planning[edit | edit source]

Proposal to amend the Articles of Association, following approval in principle at the December board meeting.

AGM 2016[edit | edit source]


Annual board review[edit | edit source]

Discuss procedure

Govcom long-term planning[edit | edit source]

Update on items from last meeting:

  • Update policies listed at Constitution. Separate out strategic policies that are appropriately set by the board from operational procedures that are or should be within the remit of the chief executive. Generally update outdated policies, with less procedural stuff that needs board approval.
  • Improve scheme of delegation (ARC to recommend procedural and financial controls).

Transparency[edit | edit source]

A quarterly score and narrative is required from us for transparency compliance against our transparency commitments - "Transparency compliance as determined by Govcom against published transparency commitments". This relates to Strategic goal G2b.2: "We have a high level of openness and transparency, and are recognised for such within the Wikimedia movement and the UK charity sector". See Strategy monitoring plan.

Membership of Govcom[edit | edit source]


AOB[edit | edit source]

Recommend to the board the addition of one sentence to the Committee Member Code of Conduct, namely:

Dates of 2016 Govcom meetings[edit | edit source]

  • Thur 12 May
  • Thur 11 August
  • Thur 10 November

All starting at 2.30 pm

See Board meetings#2016 Govcom meetings