Govcom minutes 2018-05-17

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Josie Fraser, Carol Campbell, Kate West, Sandy Balfour, Katie Crampton (minuting)


Rosie Campbell, Michael Maggs

Declarations of interest relating to matters on the agenda


Minutes of last Govcom meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 8 Feb 2018 were agreed to be accurate.

Follow up: Katie to remove actions log typo.

Matters arising

Carol has spoken to Alistair and he has agreed to be an observer for ARC. He is a supportive and useful member of ARC, and we need to keep his skills as an observer.

ARC recruitment

Carol and Josie reviewed 6 applications for the role of Chair and Treasurer of ARC, and interviewed 4 candidates in person and 1 over Skype. Overall the applications were strong and the panel were pleased with the candidates put forward by TPP. We’ve found two candidates to recommend to the board: Jane Carlin as Chair and Marnie Woodward as Treasurer. Jane and Marnie both have a breadth of experience and the skillsets we’re looking for, and it was felt they’ll work well with both ARC and the board. By splitting the role between Jane and Marnie they’ll be able to work in a similar way to Carol and Greyham have worked as Chair and Treasurer of ARC. The recommended appointments will take effect when Greyham and Carol step down.

GDPR policy redraft and update

Sandy reported that WMUK was behind on preparation for GDPR - and outlined steps to remedy the situation. The effective date is Friday the 25th of May. Stage one is to have a policy. This has been drafted. The second stage is to increase the capacity of Civi through an upgrade with our developers, which would allow people to show consent. Our policy specifies 4 lawful grounds on which we may retain and use

  • because it is necessary to fulfil a contract that we have in place with you; or
  • because the processing is necessary for compliance with our legal obligations; or
  • because we have a legitimate business interests or
  • because we have your consent to keep and use the data

The next steps are to publish the policy and then write to members and supporters saying what we have done. All queries will get a response, and where there are no lawful grounds for retaining data, it will be deleted. Josie asked that the email should be interesting. Carol wants to show the new Data Protection Policy to ARC but it will be published before then. Sandy said it can be revised at any time. The question was raised as to whether SmartDebit is up to us to sort. KC noted that SmartDebit is not our database, and we can’t use the data from it to contact donors. There was discussion of CIVI and our records. Sandy noted that consultants are upgrading CIVI to a version that is GDPR compliant. Once this is in place there will e a clean-up process to ensure the integrity, accuracy and compliance of our records. The policy as drafted was approved.

[Action: SB / KC to publish to Wiki]


A draft timetable was on the Wiki. Sandy has proposed the theme for this AGM to be ‘Open data: dangers and opportunities’. Natural History Museum has confirmed the date for use of the Flett Events Theatre as Saturday the 14th of July. It is suitable for access ability needs. The following arrangements are in place:

  • The Director of Liberty has been invited to give the keynote address. The power of Data is one of their concerns. NHM have offered to make a presentation on their Open Data Portal. The data team at the NHM are uploading photographs to their Data Portal - This can be flagged to specialist Wikipedians who have a lot of experience uploading things to Commons.

The following procedural matters were agreed

  • Three resolutions will be voted on: reappointment of Kingston Smith as auditors, approval of accounts, and maintaining the membership fee at £5 per year.
  • It was noted that no trustees are up for election this year, and that the appointment of all co-opted members lasts until 2019. There would not therefore be an election and no resolution of appointments was required.
  • It was agreed that the AGM papers should include an explanatory paragraph on why there are no elections of trustees at this AGM.

Sandy noted that the current strategy is in its final year and that the AGM will be an opportunity to get the members thinking on strategy. This can include current programmes such as residencies and editathons, and new avenues of work. Members usually bring up education, for which it may be useful to talk about the Welsh Baccalaureate. Questions that are likely to be raised around education are whether we we need to focus on policy lobbying, whether we need to focus on getting into schools.

Other events

We have an event on the 12th of June with the Mayor of London; possible pull of Sadiq Khan. At City Hall we’ll be working with 50 girls from a London schools. We hope the link with City Hall and Bloomberg will lead to further collaborations.


Sandy noted that the Memorandum and Articles of Association as amended in 2014 and 2016 had not been filed at Companies House. The correct version was published on the Wiki. It was agreed the filings should be done as soon as is practicable.

Date of next meeting

Thursday 9th of August 2018 - 4pm.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 5.30 pm