Govcom minutes 2018-08-09

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GovCom Minutes August 2018. Held at Europoint House, 9th August 2018, 4-6pm.



Present: GovCom members: Josie Fraser (Chair), Carol Campbell, Michael Maggs, Kate West, Rosie Chapman (observer, by phone). Staff: Sandy Balfour, Katie Crampton (minuting). No apologies.

Declarations of interest relating to matters on the agenda


Minutes of last Govcom meeting

Matters arising

Carol asked for feedback on the Bloomberg event. Sandy reported it was a success, with 80 girls attending and creating pages, which still exist on Wikipedia. Sandy also updated the committee on plans to develop the relationship with the Mayor’s office following the event, through application for their digital skills training fund. WMUK will be partnering with the Institute of Education to train digital trainers. The aim is to train 600 people over two years through editathons. Alongside this the Institute of Education will create a 4 x 2 x 4hr bespoke MOOC. Sandy noted that the proposal required specialist trainers, who would be employed as part of the project. This would represent a break with our ‘volunteer trainer’ tradition. But Josie noted that commissioned projects would require recruiting to specific posts.

Trustee Away Day

The board has been emailed for input on what should be on the agenda for the away day. Lucy had some feedback on items to include:

  • International Strategy
  • Wikimedia UK’s strategy
  • Organisational development
  • Technical issues and development

WMUK’s strategy would then be referred back to at the end of the day.

Josie will start a Google doc for who’s leading which sessions. Greyham already expressed interest in contributing, with a broader look at open-knowledge than just what’s happening on Wikipedia.

Josie highlighted that there is no financial or ARC input for the strategy session, but Carol didn’t believe a section on finance is needed. Carol did want it noted that a loss is to be expected this year, and reminded trustees that in Lucy’s absence it has been planned for and there are reserves in place. The lower fundraising activities are not to impact upon the discussions of the away day.

The agenda will be reviewed by GovCom before it is officially sent out.

It was agreed that Michael would talk to Doug on leading a technical session. Carol emphasised the need to enforce the contracts that are already in place. This will go on the ARC agenda.


Josie noted that Megan has resigned from ARC because of other commitments. Her thanks to Megan were echoed by the whole meeting. Josie added that Megan’s resignation from ARC leaves a gap in skills which are not picked up by the new appointments. Megan has offered insight into NCVO, risk assessment and has IT skills. Josie will ask whether Megan knows anyone that can replace her. Josie drew the committee’s attention to two other resignations. Alistair has also stepped down as an observer for ARC, and Nancy is resigning as a trustee. There would, therefore need to be further recruitment.

Josie requested GovCom members consider what skills the board needs to recruit for and asked the board to consider whether they should prioritise diversity, education, tech skills regional representation. Discussions of priority to be put on the agenda for the board meeting.

Rosie previously made a skills matrix for the board. It was agreed that there is a need to revisit this and consider if there are any skills that are worth paying to recruit for.

At 4.45 GovCom went into an in camera session.

Date of next meeting

Thursday 15th November 2018.