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Tom Dalton will be Head of Fundraising from the 29th September until the next Wikimedia UK AGM (circa March-April 2010). His role includes:

  • Planning and preparing for the 2009 Winter Fundraiser, until November 2009
  • Running the fundraising drive during November 2009 and January 2010 inclusive
  • Constructing a post-mortem report, after January 2010, to be completed prior to the AGM.

The fundraising drive consists of the fundraising website, the public relations surrounding the drive, and the communications with the donors during and after the fundraiser.

Tom will be consulted by the WMUK board during the fundraising agreement negotiations between WMUK and the WMF, but he will not be involved in the formal agreement. He will also liaise with the Wikimedia Foundation as appropriate during this time period - however he is not authorised to enter into formal agreements with them.

He will liaise with Mike Peel (Wikimedia UK chair) when a contact on the board is required, and will work with other board members - in particular Tom Holden (Wikimedia UK treasurer) - as the role requires. He will report to the board by email prior to each board meeting (every 2 weeks) during the run-up to the drive and during the drive itself. He will recruit and manage volunteers to assist him with this work.

The Wikimedia UK Board reserves the right to terminate his role at any point should this be deemed necessary. Tom agrees to give a week's notice in the event that he relinquishes this role.