Honorary membership policy

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Comment This policy was approved by the board in March 2019.

Honorary membership policy

1. The board may, at its discretion, recognise a significant contribution by an individual to the charity by granting the courtesy title of Honorary Member, and (as permitted by the Membership Rules) by waiving the requirement to pay an annual membership fee. This contribution will have primarily been made in a voluntary (rather than paid) capacity.

2. The board shall review its recognition of all Honorary Members at least annually. It may at its discretion withdraw recognition at any time and without notice. Any withdrawal of recognition shall not alter an individual’s status as a member of the charity, and membership may continue on payment of the current membership fee.

3. The board's discretion under this policy may be delegated to a committee of the board, but to no other person.

4. Honorary members have the same rights and responsibilities vis-a-vis the charity as any other member. They do not constitute a separate class of membership.

5. Current trustees and members of staff are not eligible for honorary membership.