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A Wikipedia Takes The City event in Liverpool.

Note: this is currently a proposal, containing only planning, nothing definite yet.


In association with the Liverpool Biennial, this would be a 1-2 day event around Friday 14th May coinciding with Liverpool's "Light Night" (a fantastic evening city centre cultural festival that coincides with Museums at Night, an EU wide festival) in the style of a scavenger hunt. Wikimedians and other members of the public would be given a list of targets across Liverpool that need photographs for Wikipedia.

Would also include a component inside museums/art galleries/etc. taking photographs of their collections. Biennial to agree terms with Liverpool galleries.

Prizes for those that take the best / most photographs?

Budget and other requirements

Budget for:

  • Handout materials: Leaflets? Wikipedia badges?
  • Travel for organizers to get to Liverpool


  • Press release - both national, and also Liverpool-specific.
  • Geonotice on Wikipedia watchlists in the UK; emails to mailing lists
  • Facebook event; twitter

Liverpool Biennial / Juice Digital would be heading up the local publicity about the event, using Liverpool Biennials Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter etc.

Biennial to propose the event as official part of Light Night. When that gets through, Wiki takes Liverpool will also benefit from the Light Night's Marketing including offline and online channels.

Possibility of free travel day passes for participants?

On the day:

  • Have a central stand somewhere for people to visit and start out from/end at?
    • Volunteers to man stand?
    • Tea/coffee/refreshments? Internet access?