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If you have an idea for an initiative that you'd like to see supported by Wikimedia UK, then please submit a proposal below. This is a fairy easy process, and just involves describing the idea, the resources (funding/volunteers/...) it will need, and a list of people interested in participating. Once submitted, a proposal is openly discussed here, and when there is sufficient support it is discussed at a board meeting.

To proposal a new project, please add a brief descriptive name after "Initiatives/Proposals/" in the box below, then click "Create page". You'll then be presented with a template that guides you through the process. Once you've saved the proposal, please add a link to it in the table below.

If you have any problems submitting a proposal, please contact us.

Current proposals

Title Current status
Digital rights video archive Proposed 2 March 2010
Initiatives/Proposals/Wikipedia Portal Proposed 3 Feb 2011
Initiatives/Proposals/Geo-information meeting Proposed 16 Feb 2011
Bristol Wiki Academy 1 Being constructed

Inactive proposals

Title Current status
Media help sheet Discussion/volunteers needed
Introduction of swahili language Discussion needed
Understanding reliability of online information information pack Discussion/volunteers needed
Distributing Wikipedia on CDs or Laptops Discussion/volunteers needed
Support Wikimedia clubs Discussion/volunteers needed
Article writing competitions Discussion/volunteers needed
Support UK indigenous minority languages Discussion/volunteers needed
Purchase digitization equipment Discussion/volunteers needed
Combining with teaching and education Discussion/volunteers needed
Wikimedia UK centre Discussion/volunteers needed
Wikipedia Goes Shopping Discussion/volunteers needed
Wikimedia Busking Discussion/volunteers needed
Children's Wikipedia Discussion/volunteers needed
BioBlitz participation Discussion/volunteers needed

Funded proposals

Title Current status
Initiatives/Proposals/WP:CONTRIB Student Outreach Approved; funded from opportunities fund
Content access partnerships Funded by the WMF grant
London Loves Wikipedia Approved; funded by WMF grant; see Initiatives/London Loves Wikipedia
Schools project Approved; funded by WMF grant; see Initiatives/Schools project
Seed grant Funded by WMF grant via other initiatives