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Llwybrau Byw - Living Paths Project

About Wikimedia UK

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We are now looking for a member of staff to be our Living Paths Project organiser.

Rheolwr Cymru

Mae Wici Cymru a Wikimedia UK yn chwilio am Reolwr i Gymru i ddatblygu'r Wicipedia Cymraeg a Saesneg yng Nghymru drwy ysbrydoli a hyfforddi golygyddion newydd drwy gynllun y prosiect Llwybrau Byw!

Dylai'r Rheolwr fod yn brofiadol mewn: golygu prosiectau Wicimedia (Cymraeg a Saesneg), cefnogi ein gwirfoddolwyr, rheoli personél, gweithio o fewn cyllideb a chyflawni targedau mewn pryd. Bydd y gwaith yn cynnwys penodi a chefnogi hyfforddwyr a threfnu a chynnal sesiynau hyfforddi ledled Cymru.

Mae medru siarad Gymraeg a Saesneg yn rhugl yn hanfodol.

Mae'r swydd am 12 mis a bydd yr ymgeisydd llwyddiannus yn cael ei secondio i Wici Cymru a fydd yn goruchwylio'r gwaith (ar y cyd gyda WMUK, y cyflogwr) a Llywodraeth Cymru fel cyd-noddwr.

Mae'r swydd hefyd yn amodol ar ganllawiau a chytundebau WMUK ac am 4.5 diwrnod yr wythnos. Ffurflen Gais a chwaneg o wybodaeth oddi wrth:

Jon Davies: jon.daviesatwikimedia.org.uk
ac ar wefan www.wikimedia.org.uk

Cyflog: oddeutu £25,500 - £29,000 yn ddibynol ar brofiad.

Dyddiad cau: 21ain o Fehefin, 2013 am 10 y bore. Cyfweliadau yn Wrecsam ar fore ddydd Mercher y 26ain o Fehefin.

Wales Manager

Wici Cymru and Wikimedia UK are looking for a Wales Manager to develop the Wicipedia Cymraeg and English Wikipedia in Wales through encouraging and training new editors via our Llwybrau Byw - Living Paths Project.

The Manager must have experience of:

  • Editing Wikimedia projects (both English and Welsh), supporting volunteers, managing personnel, working within a budget, and delivering outcomes in time.
  • The work will involve appointing and supporting trainers, and organising and delivering training sessions

throughout Wales.

Fluency in both the Welsh and English language is essential.

The post is for 12 months and the successful applicant will be seconded to Wici Cymru who will oversee the work, jointly with WMUK, the employer, and the Welsh Government as financial partner.

The post is subject to Wikimedia UK's guidelines and contracts and is for 4.5 days per week. Further information / application forms are available from:

Jon Davies at jon.daviesatwikimedia.org.uk
and on www.wikimedia.org.uk

  • Salary: In the range of £25,500 to £29,000 depending on experience.
  • Closing date: 21st of June, 2013 at 10am.

Interviews to be held in Wrexham on the morning of Wednesday June 26th.

Applications are welcome. The closing date is 10am on the 21st of June 2013. Applications cannot be accepted after that date. Interviews are planned for the morning of 26th of June 2013 in Wrexham. Candidates need to be available for this.

For an application form, please email jon.daviesatwikimedia.org.uk

Applications can be made in Open Document Format (via Open Office or Libre Office) or .doc format (via Microsoft Word).

If you would like to ask any questions about this position, then please call Jon Davies on 0207 065 0990.

Prosiect Llwybrau Byw! Living Paths! Project

Welsh Manager - Job Description
  • Reporting to: Chief Executive WMUK
  • A Twelve Month contract.
  • Pension: to be paid directly by WMUK at their usual rate.
  • Hours: 31.5 hours per week.
  • Holidays: 5 weeks plus Public Holidays.

The Welsh manager’s role will be to deliver the following project aim and objectives within the timescale and budgets set:

Project Aim

The project aims to empower local communities with simple Wikipedia (and sister projects) web-authoring skills in all coastal counties that border the Wales Coast Path to:

  • enhance existing information currently available to communities, businesses and visitors on Wicipedia–Wikipedia and other related projects;
  • develop Wicipedia–Wikipedia (and other related projects) articles based on the Path in a similar way to that which has been done with Monmouthpedia;
  • encourage the use of free content (licenced on CC-BY-SA or similar open licences which allow third-party use of Wikipedia and sister projects) to help promote community economic development through cultural tourism;
  • create a point of contact in Wales for Wikimedia UK (WMUK).
  • support the work of the wider Wikimedian community in Wales.
Project Objectives

The project's aim will be achieved through the following:

  • Informing, inspiring and training champions in local communities to create rich local content.
  • Supporting the efforts of Wicipedia Cymraeg to train Welsh speaking editors and raise awareness of adding Welsh language content to Wicipedia. (The proportion of Welsh language editors is less that English language editors and one aim of this project is to achieve a balance.)
  • Developing the skills and confidence of both Welsh and English speakers in Wales to create digital content.
  • Striking an acceptable balance between the important not-for-profit ethos of Wikipedia/Wikimedia, and the needs of communities along the Wales Coast Path to sustain themselves environmentally, culturally and commercially through opportunities afforded by the Wales Coast Path to (indirectly) procure positive socio-economic outcomes.
  • Provision of technical backup, governance, advice and mediation on content creation and Conflict of Interest as well as creating instructional content (‘wiki editing’) in Welsh through videos.
  • Exploring whether any Welsh Government investments in Welsh medium technology can be licensed on a Creative Commons basis.
  • Project delivery in accordance with the principles of Project Management for European Sustainable Development (PM4ESD). This will ensure that:
  • information will be recorded on a regular basis;
  • quality criteria are defined and monitored;
  • products and services are delivered within time and costs;
  • risks are monitored and managed, and
  • roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.
  • Installation of metrics to measure post-delivery impacts and outcomes.
  • Creation of a legacy of Wikimedia community champions and community pride in the Wales Coast Path and the production of a feasibility study into how the additional rich content can be used in community and other 3rd party websites as feeds and into how this project can ensure long term sustainability
  • Compilation of a full term project assessment report.
Project Scope

The scope of the projects is defined by its aim, objectives, budgets and time scale across the 10 Coastal Counties within the Convergence programme area for Wales that contain sections of the Wales Coast Path.

Of the 12 remaining Counties in Wales, which fall outside the Convergence programme area, five of these are Coastal, Counties containing additional sections of the Wales Coast Path, and seven are inland from the Path.

Whilst these fall outside the scope of the project, the Welsh Manager will be expected to take these into account in all other dealings and seek, where possible, to procure Wikipedia page editing skills training for community groups within these 12 x Counties by allocating time to the Project beyond the DTBF contracted 4.5 days per week.

While these may change over time, it is the Welsh manager's responsibility to ensure the project will still achieve its aim.

Welsh Manager's Role

The Welsh manager’s role will be to focus on controlling the introduction of change in line with the relative priorities of time, cost, planning, management, coordination and financial control. This involves:

  • Delivering the project as specified in the agreement with the Welsh Government.
  • Encourage and support the Wikipedia / Wikimedia community in Wales, both Welsh and English.
  • Understanding local community needs within the digital tourism ecosystem.
  • Understanding the needs of all stakeholders: WMUK Chief Executive, Chair of Wici Cymru Society, Welsh Government, the Ordnance Survey and county authorities.
  • Planning what needs to be done, when, by whom, and to what standards.
  • Building and motivating the partnership team.
  • Leading by example.
  • Coordinating the work of different people.
  • Monitoring work being done.
  • Managing any changes to the plan.
  • Delivering successful results.
  • Ensuring the project is completed on time, within budget and that everyone else is doing their job properly.
  • Line managing any staff in the project e.g. a Deputy Manager, and developing her or his role to offer back-up support systems to the Welsh Manager.
Welsh Manager's Responsibilities

The Welsh manager’s responsibilities will cover:

  • Project planning and management.
  • Organising general administrative services, with WMUK.
  • Financial forecasting / budgeting, with WMUK.
  • Integrating communications / telecommunications.
  • Ensuring facilities and operations meet government regulations, environmental, health and security standards.
  • Creating Content partners (eg Cadw, the National Library) to procure work on open and free licences
  • Providing independent advice on project management.
  • Organising professional people working on the project.
  • Security and risk assessment.
  • Making sure the aim of the project is met.
  • Making sure quality standards are met.
  • Making sure trainers are accredited by WMUK, where possible
  • Using suitable technology to keep track of people working on the project and their progress.
  • Recruiting and appointing specialists, trainers and sub-contractors if needed.
  • Monitoring all personnel to ensure objectives are maintained.
  • Accounting, costing and billing, with WMUK.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.
  • Report to WMUK Chief Executive and Chair of Wici Cymru Association on a monthly basis; report progress.
  • Report on a quarterly basis to the joint WMUK/WikiCymru steering group.
Detailed Work Schedule
  • Print and distribution of 6,000 free, bilingual A4 Step-by-Step guides to editing Wikipedia–Wicipedia articles. Additional materials to contribute to other Wikimedia projects if possible.
  • Provision of a more comprehensive guide online.
  • Provision of a Skype helpline in both Welsh and English.
  • Support newcomers in contributing to Wikimedia projects.
  • Creation and administration of blogs and other social networking services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).
  • Inspiring existing Wikimedians from Wales and the rest of the world to contribute an additional 3,000 Wikipedia articles (Welsh, English and in other languages) relating to points of interest along the Wales Coast Path.
  • Publication of 10 new Welsh-language, online training videos on Wikipedia, and YouTube / Vimeo. Videos on sister Wikimedia projects if possible.
  • Publication of 10 existing English-language, online videos with voice-overs in Welsh.
  • One-to-one, personal training via Skype to create and edit Wicipedia–Wikipedia articles. Possibly instructions on contributing to sister Wikimedia projects.
  • Formation of 150 newly-trained Wales Coast Path groups.
  • Publication of 300 new community articles produced by the newly-trained Wales Coast Path groups.
  • Ensuring 2,000 communities along the Wales Coast Path have a Wikipedia entry in both English and Welsh.
  • Training of 180 community champions to edit Wikipedia entries.
  • Listing of 1,000 Wales Coast Path related activities listed on Wikipedia–Wicipedia (or partner projects).
  • Monitoring and producing robust evidence of outputs and results during the lifetime of the project.
Qualification and Experience Required

The Welsh manager will need to be fully fluent and literate in both Welsh and English, with experience of having published work in Welsh and to have a significant body of experience in Welsh culture and a good academic background; knowledge of the interplay of Welsh institutions and Welsh local government is essential. This work involves training and meeting communities and organising local training sessions in all parts of Wales (North and South).

Skills Required
  • Technical competence in online and social media communications including the Wikimedia family.
  • An understanding of and empathy for Wikimedia's mission and experience of working with the Wikimedia community
  • Good managerial competence at a high level, including meeting deadlines and reporting skills.
  • Experience in training young people and adults and organising training sessions.
  • Accreditation as a Wikimedia UK Trainer would be an advantage; however, this training could be done during the first few months.
  • Sound knowledge of web platforms, location-based mobile communication developments.
  • Good problem solving, numeracy and analytical skills
  • Excellent teamwork and interpersonal communication skills via all media.
  • Ability to motivate people and work on own initiative.
  • Management and diplomacy skills.