Looking at the next five years/Other issues

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  • What are the benefits of membership?
  • Part of the democratic process
  • Is it against the ethos of the Wikimedia movement to have a special class of people?
  • Co-option of trustees
  • Are members going to get opportunities to meet potential trustees? Get them to wikimeets?
  • There are huge value in meeting face to face
  • We have subjective measurement, what about quantitative measurement? We need KPIs!
  • We have discussed actions levels, and missions levels – X years plan need goals level
  • Are the targets SMART & achievable. Are they specific?
  • Distinction between strategy and specific action
  • Some goals may change, but some will always exist like diversity, sum of all human knowledge, etc.
  • We have a capacity problem, which affects our plan in the future.
  • 5 year plan doesn't fix us on a specific course, we can use it as a rolling program of review.
  • There's a distinction between Foundation's objects compared that to WMUK.
  • Breaking boundary
  • WMUK is intrinsic part of Wikimedia community
  • Look forward 5 years, but be able to adjust change in environment. The community haven't behave in a corporate way. The charity has a habit of becoming a bit corporate. Be careful to avoid becoming completely corporate. Involve volunteer in our activities and actions.
  • 5 years ago, WMUK didn't exist. We changes very quickly. We should do a rolling program of review to change 5 years plan.
  • We can think in parameters – e.g. do we want to carry on growing staff level?
  • Long term planning is not about predicting, it's about what we want to achieve.
  • We can always change a 5 year plan into a 3 or 10 years plan in the future while keeping the same goals.
  • Can we learn from WMDE's lessons?
  • Avoid splitting the chapter community and that of the Wikimedia community.
  • Potential metric might be how many things has happened without staff involvements.
  • We are volunteer focused, but there may be things that we would like to do that no volunteer will or want to do.

How are we doing with transparency?[edit | edit source]

  • Lots of material is available, but work need to be done curating the information, making it accessible to tech etc. community, not just Wikimedians. Communicate our goals.
  • Are information being lost in the sea of information that's available? Do we want to release targeted information and only make the rest available for reqeust?
  • WMUK is clear we're looking for people, but not being very prescriptive in what it is looking for.
  • Instead of focusing on what you don't like, we should focus on what we do like.
  • We need experienced people to focus on strategy.