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This page is currently a placeholder for an idea initiated by Dr Vinesh Patel following on from discussions at Wikimania 2014, and an earlier event at Imperial College, London.

Please feel free to edit this page if you're interested in being part of this collaborative group around UK-based medical education on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, mainly through WikiProject Medicine.

The next event associated with this will be a Wikipedia Week at the UK Cochrane Centre in Oxford during the month of September. Details will be forthcoming via medical student Ammar Sabouni.

Please see the below details which can be followed up for discussion on the talk page (top left of page).

Campus Ambassadors meeting[edit | edit source]

A meeting of potential campus Ambassadors in the UK was held by Toni Sant in London on Friday, 12th September. Some issues raised were:

1. In person meetings for medical editing in the UK 2. Videos for medical school curriculums to teach medical students about the nature of Wikipedia 3. Approaching medical students at all medical schools to be Campus Ambassadors 4. Producing work for wikipedia being the task of a BSc project for an intercalating medical student 5. Approaching medical librarians for using Wikipedia

Wikipedia Week editathon Oxford, September[edit | edit source]

Who attended the meeting? See link to details below. How did it go?

The details for the Wikipedia Week at the UK Cochrane Centre can be found here.

Medical education research[edit | edit source]

Who would like to be involved in research around Wikipedia programmes such as the ones at UCSF, Tel Aviv University and Imperial College - multi-centre research will achieve greater power and will have results applicable to more areas around the globe. Links to the programs are below. It would also give us an idea of how to tailor our efforts to programmes with students and Wikipedia editing generally more appropriately.

Should it be quantitative or qualitative?

UCSF project 2013 Wiki-med Israel 2014 Imperial College 2014 project

Approach to medical institutions[edit | edit source]

We all know Wikipedia evokes a wide range of opinions, is not recognised by many organisations as a source at all etc. etc. How should we approach medical institutions? We are running small scale projects already but is that the best way to start out? There have been numerous articles around Wikipedia available on PubMed, and articles in the media about Wikipedia and medicine. However, is there an organised stream to the debate? Should there be?

A previous (alas, short-lived) attempt at such a conversation can be found here London_Wikipedia_Academy

People interested in participating[edit | edit source]

Useful links[edit | edit source]