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Our Annual General Meeting 2010 was be held on Saturday 24th April at the University of London Students' Union. We have talked about what we have managed to achieve and help us plan our activities for the future.

The AGM run alongside the "Open Knowledge Conference" (OKCON), an interdisciplinary conference in its fifth year that brings together individuals from across the open knowledge spectrum for a day of presentations and workshops. At the 2010 conference, Wikimedia UK was supporting and organising a track dedicated to the projects and communities central to Wikimedia.


The Open Knowledge Conference started at 10am. The AGM run from 2pm to 4pm. The agenda was:

  1. Annual Report and Accounts
  2. Election of the new board, including hustings (you can also ask the candidates questions and cast your ballot before the AGM)
  3. Voting on the administrative motions
    1. Creating a new class of membership for Member Organisations with two votes each
      • Amending the motion to grant only one vote each
    2. Setting the fees for Member Organisations at £100 per year
    3. Reducing the fees for Individual Members to £5 per year
    4. Allowing the Board to waive membership fees in individual cases
    5. Appointing the people elected under the Election Rules as directors

You need to be a member to vote in the election and vote on the motions. If you aren't a member already, then you can join now!


Attendee list for the 2010 AGM

  1. Cfp
  2. Mike Peel
  3. Steve Virgin
  4. Issyl0
  5. User:Ironholds
  6. Tango
  7. Colds7ream
  8. LondonStatto

Are you planning on coming but aren't listed here? Please add yourself (click "edit" in the section title). Knowing how many people are coming will help us manage the event on the day.

Jonathan Velle Ross

Human Rights Foundation in the United Kingdom.

"Human Happiness and Moral Duty are Inseperably Connected."

Getting to the meeting

The address of the AGM was:

University of London Students' Union
Malet Street
London, WC1E 7HY

It's within walking distance of London Euston railway station and several tube lines. Directions are available.

See also

  • Planning is at /Planning.
  • A board meeting will be happening prior to and during the AGM so that new members can be approved: Agenda.
  • A meeting of the new board will also happen afterwards: Agenda
  • Call for Proposals