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When you have become a member of Wikimedia UK - what next!

Create an account

One of the best ways of taking an active role in the charity is by creating a user account on this wiki. You can then sign in to ask questions and participate in discussions, edit pages, and receive updates about pages you are watching or have edited changing.

To create your account will take two minutes - use this link!

Create a User Page

Your User page and User talk page are a great way to stay in touch with other members on this site. They are useful for organizing and aiding the work members may want to do and facilitating interaction and sharing.

To create a user page, you need to be logged in. When you have logged in for the first time you should see some links in the very top right of your browser window that are red. If you click the link that is your new username it will take you to a blank page with a text box you can add information about yourself too.

For example, you may want to say where you live in the world, why you are interested in Wikimedia projects, or even why you joined the charity. Bear in mind what you share is public. You can keep it to one sentence if you are new to editing and by clicking 'Save page' at the bottom you will create your user page.

Add a user box to your User page

Select the edit link to change or update your user page

You can change your user page and add things to it by selecting the 'Edit' tab on the upper right of your browser window when signed in. Copy the following into the space underneath any other text you've already added to the page: {{Member user box}}

You can see other users of this wiki who are members of the charity here! You can start a conversation on their user talk pages about membership matters if you wish.

Post on the Water Cooler to say hi or start a conversation!

Welcome to our wiki :) If you would like to, you can post on the Water_cooler to say hello, ask questions, or to reply to other discussions there. There is also the Engine Room which is a place to ask about and discuss the inner workings of the charity which members may find useful if they have questions about policies or governance.