Minutes 2011-11-01

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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 11 February 2012.

Minutes for Exec Board meeting on 1 November 2011, held by telephone/Skype


  • Roger Bamkin [RB] (Chair)
  • Mike Peel [MP] (Minutes)
  • Andrew Turvey [AT]
  • Chris Keating [CK]
  • Jon Davies [JD]
  • Richard Symonds [RS]

The meeting started at 7.30pm, and ended circa 9.30pm.

Apologies for absence (RB)/ Agenda

There were no apologies, and the agenda was unchanged.


  1. Finance reports
  2. Weekly reports
  3. Fund raiser Sub-Committee?
  4. Management accounts
  5. budget expenditure

These issues were discussed. It was concluded that a formal fundraiser subcommittee was not needed.

It was decided that bank statements will be kept up-to-date on the office wiki (by AT at present), and that finances should be a standing item on meeting agendas.

JD agreed to start providing weekly reports, which would be discussed at a weekly meeting at 4pm on Fridays.

Charity Status - Press release?

This was discussed, with no resulting actions recorded.


  1. Outstanding risks?
  2. UK Banners?
  3. Press?
  4. Adherence to the fundraising agreement

This was discussed; the fundraiser plans were on track to start in a week's time.

Activity Plan A and Plan B

This was briefly discussed, but it was concluded that not much more can be done here until we have hard numbers to review during the fundraiser.

Status of recruitment (office manager; development work)

Recruitment for the office manager is ongoing, with an application deadline of 6 November.

Development work is pending a summary of requirements from MP.

Readiness with other upcoming activities (Events)

Upcoming events were discussed, with no major concerns.

QRpedia Ownership

ACTION: JD to find alternative quotes for lawyers; AT to be kept in the loop.


Next Meeting - 19-20 November, in-person, British Library, London. All board members + CEO + Office manager.