Minutes 2013-04-13

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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 7 December 2013.

These are the minutes of the in-person Board meeting that took place at the British Library, London, on 13 April 2013, prior to the 2013 EGM.


  • Doug Taylor [DT] (Chair)
  • Mike Peel [MP] (Minutes)
  • Ashley van Haeften [Fæ]
  • Saad Choudri [SC]

The meeting started at 15:22.

Chair for the EGM[edit | edit source]

It was proposed that DT would serve as the chair for the EGM. This was agreed by all present.

Membership[edit | edit source]

Two new members were approved; their names are recorded in the in-camera minutes.

AOB[edit | edit source]

A request from Robin was discussed. Last September, Robin came to the board meeting to explain the funding that was received from Geovation. Geovation awarded £17.5k for a to carry out a project related to Wales coastal path mapping, with other layers on top of this. If he can bring it up to £50k, he becomes eligible for a grant of about £70k from the Welsh Language Fund. He has therefore asked Wikimedia UK for a bit over £30k to meet the minimum. He's asking for the money to pay a paid coordinator for the project, at £35,500. He would possibly be applying for the position, but the advert would be open and there would have to be an interview panel. We have a standard WiR contract, which could be used to ensure that the project was done properly. The position would be treated the same as a WiR, and it would be spread over two financial years. It was noted that we need to document this and put it up for a board decision on-wiki.

The meeting was adjourned to start the EGM. As no further individuals applied for membership, the meeting closed when the EGM voting began.