Minutes 2016-04-29

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These minutes were approved by the attendees on 2 May 2016

WMF affiliate–selected board seats

Minutes of Skype meeting, 10am, 29 April 2016

Meeting of the ad hoc board subcommittee (Carol, Gill, Doug and Michael), constituted by resolution of the directors at the board meeting of 2016-03-12, and charged by the board with delegated powers to decide the candidates for whom WMUK will vote in the WMF affiliate-selected board election.

Present: Carol, Gill, Michael. Absent: Doug

The subcommittee took into account feedback from Doug, who was not available this morning, along with feedback received from other trustees and elsewhere.

Resolved unanimously: The candidates to be supported, in order of preference, are:

  • 1. Christophe Henner
  • 2. Nataliia Tymkiv
  • 3. Lodewijk Gelauff
  • 4. Maartin Deneckere
  • 5. Susanna Mkrtchyan.

Michael will let the remainder of the board know, and will lodge our decision on behalf of WMUK on the chapters wiki