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Wikimedia UK board meeting

13th December 2022, 4pm - 6.30pm, online meeting


Chair’s Welcome

  1. Present, Apologies and Introductions

Present: Monisha Shah, Vivan Wineman,Kelly Foster, Marnie Woodward, Sangeet Bhullar, Caroline Ball, Rod Ward, Adrian Beidas.

In attendance: Lucy Crompton-Reid, Davina Johnson, Natasha Iles, Chuks Ogbonna (minutes).

Apologies: Julian Manieson, Daria Cybulska, Mark Cruickshank, Jane Carlin.

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. , and asked for action points, LCR updated the board that there will be a new Head of Finance starting in January, Sharon Mitcheson.

  1. Declaration of interests


  1. Review and Approval of minutes of the previous meeting


  1. Matters arising


Executive Reports

  1. CEO Report (LCR)

The report was taken as read and LCR invited to make additional points, which were as follows:

  • LCR reiterated our important role as one of the largest Chapters within the global movement.
  • MS congratulated Richard, Sara and Karla on their promotions on behalf of the board and thanked them for their various contributions to our organisation.
  • LCR noted that despite rescheduling the meeting to coincide with the outcome of our funding proposal to WMF, unfortunately this has been delayed. It was agreed that we need further visibility of the actual settlement before finalising the budget and delivery plan for 2023/24.
  1. Organisational Dashboard for Q2 (LCR)

LCR presented the dashboard and asked for feedback. This included a question on when we will be reviewing the KPIs. LCR responded that the SMT would review the dashboard at the end of the financial year and present an updated version for board approval. It was suggested that the team flags items on the dashboard  that have changed, for easier identification.

ACTION: LCR to review the Dashboard by March 2023 board meeting.

  1. Programmes Report  

As DC was on leave, LCR took questions on the Programmes Report. There was a discussion about the statistics quoted, and LCR clarified that these include people who have been trained to edit by Wikimedia UK, but that there isn’t a metric looking at the longevity of their participation. Trustees  asked if the qualitative reporting is enough to fulfil our obligations to WMF . LCR responded that we produce substantial narrative reports on our programmes, which go further than what is required by WMF.

7a. Proposal to use Designated Funds:

LCR presented the proposal to draw on our Designated Funds to pay for a freelance consultant based in Nigeria to support our community development activities. This is the first time there has been a proposal for the use of Designated Funds and there was a very useful discussion about how this should be delivered and reported on. In particular, it was noted that the Board would like the outputs and outcomes tied to this fund to be reported separately from other programmes. There was also a helpful suggestion around the scope of the project, and that this could be made sharper - particularly in terms of target participants.

ACTION: KF & DC to discuss the scope.

DECISION: This was approved by the Board

  1. Development and Communications Report (LCR)

NI presented the report, speaking particularly to small donations. There is still continuous growth in digital giving, although we are seeing a higher rate of attrition on regular giving. NI also noted that with the recent changes in the team. Katie Crampton was now focused on Communications, as Chukwuebuka Ogbonna has taken over governance administration.

The reach of Wikimedia UK’s social media was acknowledged by the board. It was also noted that we are likely to have a new digital giving channel, through a partnership with online bank Revolut.

8a. CRM Needs & Action Required:

NI presented her paper on the CRM, which details the work on this project to date and the conclusion that we should find an alternative to CiviCRM. It was noted that a specific financial request should go to ARC first, in light of the substantial investment likely to be required and include details of the provider and potential ROI. In the Board discussion about opportunities and risks, it was noted that the more detailed proposal should also  include estimates for ongoing costs for maintenance and training.

In the discussion, it was noted that  WMF continues to use CiviCRM, largely because they have a team that can support bespoke solutions on Civi, in a way that WMUK can not.  .

Overall, the Board was supportive of the need to invest in a new CRM system, and requested a more detailed proposal based on the upcoming discussions with possible CRM providers.

ACTION: NI and SM to present a revised proposal at the next meeting

  1. Finance Report (DAJ/MW)

DAJ took the paper as read. She noted that there was nothing additional to report to the board beyond the existing commentary. MW thanked DAJ for presenting her last report to the board and thanked her for her excellent work over the past nine years. MW brought the board’s attention to income, including unrestricted funds, with a positive year end position being forecast. MS reflected that the forecast position, with a significant surplus, is excellent and thanked the team for their efforts during the year..

Reports from Committees

  1. ARC, 1st September (MW)

The Board were happy with the ARC committee meeting information shared.

  1. Governance Committee, 31st August (MS)

MS gave the GovCom report, and reminded board members about the upcoming board evaluation, including one to one meetings.

Discussion Items

  1. Future Working arrangements
  • LCR gave an overview of the views of the current staff members, highlighted the preferences of staff members and presented various options to the board; with a strong recommendation that the organisation should seek a small working space of around three or four desks within a larger institution or co-working space. She noted that this would mean not seeking to renew the current office lease which ends in August.
  • LCR also asked for support from the board to review current policies that we have for a change of working conditions from August 2023.
  • Trustees agreed that the paper was very helpful and comprehensive, and thanked LRC for her work on this - including consulting with the incoming Head of Finance and Operations.

DECISION: It was agreed that the team should explore alternative accommodation, as per LCR’s recommendation within the board paper. LCR noted that she hoped to present concrete plans for the office move by the time of the June board meeting.

ACTION: It was noted by the board that at the point of considering future options, it would be helpful to have an understanding of all the costs of the current office, including utilities etc, and how they compare to possible alternatives.

Any Other Business

MS warmly thanked DAJ for her time with Wikimedia UK, and wished her well for the future. LCR added her own thanks, and said how much she had enjoyed working with DAJ. MS also wished DC well as she begins her secondment.

Date of the next meeting: Away Day on Thursday 9th February, Morning meeting followed by lunch, in person

2023 meeting dates:

Thursday 9th February - Away Day - Morning meeting followed by lunch, in person

Friday 17th March - Q1 board meeting, online, afternoon meeting (4 - 6.30pm)

Friday 16th June - Q2 board meeting, online or in person tbc, Morning meeting

Saturday 1st July - AGM, online morning meeting

Friday 15th September - Q3 board meeting, online, morning meeting (9.30 - 12.00)

Wednesday 13th December - Q4 board meeting, in person, afternoon meeting (4 - 6.30pm)