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National Railway Museum Wikimedia workshop

Date: 22 June 2011


An exhibit at the NRM

This was a day workshop with some demonstrations and presentations. The event was hosted by the National Railway Museum in York (Morton Suite).

Attendees included:

  • NRM staff interested in working with Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects
  • Representatives from other museums - to be sought through the Museum Computer Group mailing list
  • Wikipedians already involved with the NRM or with GLAM outreach
  • Wikipedians interested in working with GLAM and/or the NRM - to be sought through promotion on wikipedia (e.g. banner ad, related wikiprojects)
  • Meetup the night before - all welcome


This agenda is a provisional framework

  • 10.00 Registration
  • 10.20 Introduction and housekeeping
  • 10.30 Keynote presentation by Liam Wyatt, WMF GLAM Fellow (with Q&A)
  • 11.15 Break
  • 11.20 Presentation/demonstration of QR codes and the related multi-language engagement of Wikipedia by (TBC)
  • 12.00 Walk-through of Wikimedia projects (Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, Wikiversity), teamwork pages and WikiProjects by (TBC)
  • 12.30 Open plenary, Wikilounge suggestions
  • 12.45 Break for lunch and social discussion
  • 13.45 Wikilounge (natural break at 15.00)
    • Wikilounge may adapt depending on demand, suggested parallel sessions on:
      • NRM concept event and issues
      • Other museums work and Wikimedia e-volunteer concept as a UK wide programme (with news of our Scotland initiative)
      • Editing and coaching clinic for those who want to roll up their sleeves and have a go
  • 16.00 Summary, shared conclusions and commitments
  • 16.30 Close


The expectation was for the workshop day to involve 9 museum professionals from York and nearby and 9 Wikipedians/Wikimedians with relevant interest and experience. Total number was limited to a maximum of 24. Tagishsimon was the Wikimedia coordinator for the day.


  • Tagishsimon - Coordinating event
  • Victuallers - WM-UK Chair, involved in NRM liaison - will attend, real life permitting
  • Wittylama - WMF GLAM Fellow, will attend, possible opening presenter
  • Geof Sheppard - have offered to help this project because of my work on railway history articles.
  • PatHadley - Hoping to attend. Know nothing about trains and little more about Wikipedia, but really excited about how this might work!
  • Johnbod - for wiki-lounge, or can talk
  • Zeyi - WMUK former board member, know little about trains but really glad to help the collaboration between Wiki and Museums.


  • Mark Green - National Railway Museum
  • Jaspal Sahota - NRM
  • Ellen Tait - NRM
  • Joe Savage - NRM
  • Tim Proctor - NRM (afternoon only)
  • Bob Gwynne - NRM (afternoon only)
  • Emma James - National Media Museum
  • John Coburn - Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums
  • Janet E Davis - Cultural Heritage Researcher and Advisor
  • Alex Woodall - Renaissance East Midlands
  • Michael Woodward - Commercial Director - York Museum's Trust
  • Andrew Whitworth - School of Education - University of Manchester

What happened

Everyone, I think turned up, & the day was judged a great success. Excellent facilities, lunch & hosting from the NRM, thanks! From the GLAM newsletter for June:"Representatives from around 6 museums attended, in addition to several staff from the Railway Museum itself. Wyatt gave the keynote speech, followed by a Q&A. In the afternoon the Wikimedians organized a "Wikilounge", where they discussed Wikipedia with GLAM representatives and held an "Editing clinic", for those who wanted to have a go. The results of the day included three follow-up meetings/presentations being arranged with additional museums, whilst the NRM is also looking hopeful for co-operation with Wikipedia. This will probably mainly focus on their very strong collection of railway art, of which little was displayed previously, as well as railway history and technology" - which is almost how I remember it. In the afternoon we split into a NRM-specific table with myself, and a more general one with Liam, with Simon and others moving between them. We overran considerably & were still going at closing time. Only a brief chance to see most of the museum, but we had a good look at the new art gallery, which will I think be one focus of future collaboration, and some of us saw the impressive library & reaseach facilities. Johnbod 19:06, 21 July 2011 (UTC)