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My October

I have now been in post a whole month and wanted to share with you some of the highlights and bring you up to date with our plans and activities:

  • Met loads of you at The Herbert in Coventry and also helped Fiona and Richard retain their sanity by running the Wikipedia stall at the Warwick University Fresher's Fair for a while.
  • Have met all the trustees and a few ex-trustees to talk about our hopes and plans for 2012. Trip to Brisle next Monday.
  • Found us four desks in a charity sharing office from November 14th. Working from home is all very well but my family want their living room back! The address will be:
Wikimedia UK,
Development House,
56-64 Leonard Street,
  • There will be wireless and hopefully room for people to drop in. Watch this space.
  • Enjoyed the EGM - thanks to the stranger who bought me a drink - I owe you.
  • Witnessed John training curators at the British Museum
  • Spent three days in Berlin being looked after by Wikimedia Deutschland. A lot to learn from them. They have 20 staff and have already outgrown their offices. In their next one they hope to have space for the community with technical resources to help.
  • Now planning for budgets, the fundraiser, the next board meeting and Sue Gardner's visit to London.
  • ...and spent a few days as a guest of our wonderful NHS - no details but not riding my bike for another week!

— Jon Davies, CE, WMUK