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It's been a while since our last chapters report. We've just re-lauched our newsletter, which you can find at:

Below is a really quick summary of everything we've been up to from August 2009 until December 2010. There's a lot, so it might take you a while to catch up if you haven't been following our blog!


November 2010: Our main event in the last year was GLAM-WIKI: a conference held at the British Museum in November 2010, bringing together the cultural sector and Wikimedia:

August 2010: we launched our Microgrants scheme, offering grants between £5 and £100 to UK wikimedians:

June 2010: Liam Wyatt was the first Wikipedian in Residence, at the British Museum. He organised various events, including a Backstage Pass and the Hoxne Challenge. The British Museum also offered prizes for new Featured Articles:

June 2010: we put out a press release on the Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year 2009 competition:

June 2010: we put out a press release about the Pending Changes trial on the English Wikipedia:

April 2010: we helped the Open Knowledge Foundation organise the Open Knowledge Conference, which included our AGM as well as a Wikimedia track:

February 2010: we ran Britain Loves Wikipedia - a photo competition taking photos in 20 museums across the UK:

February 2010: we put out an appeal for new initiatives. We are still welcoming any new suggestions:

February 2010: we put out a press release about reaching the 6 million files milestone on Wikimedia Commons:

January 2010: we announced a content partnership with the Mary Rose Trust, which saw the release of 50 previously unseen images of the Mary Rose and its artifacts:

December 2009: we put out a press release about Public Domain Day 2010:

November 2009: the photos from Wikipedia Loves Art at the V&A were made available on Wikimedia Commons, after the prizes were announced in August 2009:

September 2009: we put out a press release about Wikimedia Commons reaching the 5 million file milestone:

August 2009: we put out a press release about the content partnership with Regionarkivet, Sweden:


November 2010: The Annual Fundraiser 2010-11 started on 15 November. Our announcement, and target, is at:

May 2010: we hosted the very first Wikimedia Fundraising Summit in Bristol:

November 2009: we participated in the Annual Fundraiser 2009-2010. This raised ~£95,000 to support Wikimedia's activities both in the UK and internationally:


December 2010: the first of a new series of Wikimedia UK community IRC meeting happened on 7 December:

November 2010: Gemma Griffiths is now our Head of Public Relations, volunteering pro bono for us one day a week:

September 2010: We hired our first (part time) employee! Charles Matthews is our new Office Manager:

May 2010: we participated in the selection process for the chapter selected board members of the Wikimedia Foundation. We helped select Phoebe Ayers and Arne: