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A "Wiki takes" event is a photography contest to add images and other media to Wikimedia Commons.

Past contests have been in museums, towns and even whole cities. Most have focussed on photography, but the same principal would apply for recordings of animal sounds and movements in a zoo.

Anyone is of course welcome to organise such an event. If you do one in the UK there are a few things that we can usually help with.

Ideally an event needs a base with WiFi coffee and doughnuts, publicity to recruit photographers and a prize for the winner. If you organise something outdoors then you need a contingency plan - this an be as simple as "if wet we'll have a beer in the Tudor Rose on the High St instead".

But the essential ingredients are a date and a target.

To set the date please look at the Events page and reserve a date that doesn't clash with anything near your event.

You may have an idea about a target, most people choose somewhere they know well for their first Wiki takes event. But if you can be flexible Wikimedia Commons is very patchy in its coverage, and we prefer events where we are short of good images to illustrate Wikipedia.

We can usually help with equipment and budget for things such as:

  1. mobile Wifi if you have a base without WiFi.
  2. banners - which can be useful where you have a stall or a room.
  3. Biscuits and catering (subject to budget)
  4. Publicity - we usually recruit photographers with a geonotice on Wikipedia

To start the ball rolling email us on

For general advice on Wiki takes events or if you are planning one outside the UK try the page on Commons