Oxford Ada Lovelace transcribeathon 2015

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As part of the Ada Lovelace Bicentenary, the Bodleian Libraries and University of Oxford IT Services are hosting a Wikisource Transcribe-a-thon on Monday 12th October 2015, from 2pm to 5pm. Led by Martin Poulter, the Bodleian Libraries' Wikimedian In Residence, this event will introduce people to Wikisource as a platform and let them work on texts relating to women in science.

We are lucky to have as guest speaker Professor Ursula Martin CBE, a computer scientist and expert on Ada Lovelace.

This is a free event. The booking link for members of the University of Oxford is http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TWOHD . If you are not a member, email martin.poulter@bodleian.ox.ac.uk

A project page on Wikisource records changes made.

There were eleven attendees apart from the trainer: ten women and one man. See wikisource:en:Wikisource:Oxford_Transcribathon_2015#Participants

The introductory talk from Prof. Martin was streamed on Periscope where it had 87 viewers.


Do you have any comments about the format and length of the workshop?

Answers: 4 of 9 - Return rate: 44.4%

  1. At first I thought that a 3h session was going to be long, but once we started I could have spent the whole day doing it.
  2. It was all just fine, I thought
  3. I particularly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of accomplishment when we completed the proofreading together.
  4. Was beginning to flag by the end, so timing just right.

What would you have liked more of?

Answers: 3 of 9 - Return rate: 33.3%

  1. I would have liked the introduction being more related to Wikipedia (or Wikisource) aspects.
  2. I didn't know - how could I have done?- that it was part of a week of events. I may have thought or liked to come to the rest of the week
  3. I was sorry that I was late and missed the beginning of the talk about Ada Lovelace. Would have liked to have heard more about her.

What would you have liked less of?

Answers: 3 of 9 - Return rate: 33.3%

  1. Nothing!
  3. Nothing, all thoroughly enjoyable and interesting

Please give any other comments you have here

Answers: 4 of 9 - Return rate: 44.4%

  1. Fantastic activity. I loved it. Transcribing one paper written by Mary Somerville and making it available online for the first time was a really amazing proposal. I think that all the group felt important, at least I did!
  2. I was impressed with the whole Wiki thing. Some of the other course members sounded interesting. I'd be interested in receiving references to their work. I can think of a project that would be do-able, I think, in the Wiki format. Is there a way one could take this idea forward? (Note: this user wrote me a letter and I've responded with extensive advice in email)
  3. It should have been a little easier for the general public to access the course.
  4. Martin very knowledgeable and supportive