Pearson Wikipedia Editathon Oct 2013

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The idea for the event was inspired by Ada Lovelace Day. With leadership from Andrew Davidson, members of Pearson's US Women in Leadership (WIL) group coordinated an editathon to celebrate the achievements of women in STEM. Eleven members of WIL participated in the event, mostly from US, with the results listed below.

A list of the articles which were worked on, most of which were promoted on Wikipedia’s front page, is highlighted below. The number of hits is the number of readers who clicked through to read the articles on the day - over 10,000 altogether.

Did you know ...

  1. ... that mathematician w:Grace Bates was the only woman allowed to study w:differential equations in her final year at college? - 3425 hits.
  2. ... that royal midwife w:Mrs. Cannon collected exotic animals and curiosities such as Oliver Cromwell's nightcap?" - 2359 hits.
  3. ... that female physicist Elizabeth Laird came out of retirement during WWII to research radar?" - 1938 hits.
  4. ... that philosopher w:Julia Gulliver was the only woman in a department of 200 men when she studied in Leipzig? - 1076 hits.
  5. ... that the first person to isolate Vitamin E, w:Gladys Anderson Emerson, taught history before starting her career in biochemistry? - 821 hits.
  6. ... that pioneering petrographer w:Eleanora Knopf was the daughter of General w:Tasker H. Bliss? - 778 hits.
  7. w:Katharine Blunt - one-line stub still awaiting 5x expansion.
  8. w:Dorothy Hahn - one-line stub still awaiting 5x expansion.