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This policy sets out the responsibilities and rights of particular 'user groups' on this wiki.


The current list of administrators is shown at Special:ListAdmins.
  • Administrators are users who have the rights to delete pages, protect pages, and block users on this wiki. The exact rights are set out at Special:ListGroupRights.
  • Administrators on the wiki comprise staff members, trustees, and trusted members of the charity. Any member who considers themselves to be trusted and in good standing with the charity, and who has a reasonable knowledge of wiki adminship generally, is warmly invited to request admin status.

Admin actions

  • Admins may take any appropriate action to enforce the WMUK terms of use including removing, re-factoring or deleting contributions. Where necessary, they may block editors either temporarily or permanently. Admins may take action (and are encouraged to do so) regardless of whether they are member, trustee or staff.
  • Under our terms of use, text and media files which are not in the public domain nor available on a free licence may exceptionally be held on the wiki only:
  • with the approval of the Chief Executive, and
  • with the use of an appropriate and clear template to indicate its non-free status.
Any admin may add a suitable template to, or may delete without warning, any other-non free content.
  • Any user who believes that an admin has taken an action which exceeds the powers given by this policy or the terms of use may request review by the Chief Executive whose decision shall be final (except that any decision by the Chief Executive permanently to block a user shall be subject to ratification by the board).

Admin removal

  • Member adminship is a privilege not a right and may be rescinded at any time at the discretion of the Chief Executive.
  • Member admins who have been inactive on this site for more than 12 months may have their admin privilege revoked. They can volunteer to be an administrator again by contacting the Chief Executive.


  • Bureaucrats are users who have the rights to assign or unassign any user right.
  • Due to the privacy issues involved, only current Board and Staff members are granted the bureaucrat right.