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Historical This vacancy is now closed. The page is kept as an archival reference. If you want to discuss a topic, please start a discussion on the community forum.

Job Description

Job Title: Programme Manager

Reporting to: CEO

Salary: £25,000 - £29,000 depending on experience

Benefits: 25 days annual leave, Employer pension contribution.

Location: Central London

The objective is to support and promote the work of Wikimedia UK which includes Wikipedia and other open content.

To do this, the Events Organiser will need to:

  • Support the CEO by developing and delivering WMUK’s programme of activities throughout the UK
  • Manage staff (Glam and Education organisers) and interns as appropriate to enable the programme to be delivered
  • Support and encourage the participation of volunteers in the activities of Wikimedia UK
  • Be part of the office team delivering the Wikimedia UK plan
  • Build a relationship of trust with the board and the broader Wikimedia community
  • Be accountable for the budgeting and resources for the events and wider programme.

Key responsibilities

Management duties

  • Work with the CEO to develop the programme of activities appropriate to the needs of Wikimedia UK
  • Oversee Wikimedia UK events as appropriate
  • Report to the CEO and Office Manager ensuring that expenditure is controlled in line with the relevant budgets
  • Prepare regular, publically available, reports to the CEO and board on the programme of the charity, including assessments of success and ensure these are openly available
  • Be responsible for all aspects of the programme working with colleagues and volunteers to make it professionally run and delivered
  • Handle all documentation regarding the relevant parts of the programme, including evaluation, and support the Office Manager in accounting for it financially.
  • Encourage and promote the involvement of volunteers and ensure that volunteers are provided with opportunities to support and participate in the organisation
  • Ensure that all events are managed safely with proper risk assessments undertaken
  • Liaise with The Foundation and other chapters to develop good practice and where appropriate share the planning and delivery of the WMUK programme.

Project Management

  • Prepare, run and evaluate the relevant parts of the programme as detailed in the Wikimedia UK plan
  • Work with volunteers to ensure the greatest possible involvement of the Wikimedia UK community in the programme
  • Monitor the delivery and financial security of Wikimedia UK’s programme
  • Ensure Health and Safety and Insurance matters are in order for all staff, volunteers and visitors at events
  • Support and propose the development of new projects and partnerships – including processes, resources and metrics.
  • Manage relevant partnership working.

Person Specification


  • Proven experience of project management involving the public and partner organisations
  • Experience of organising a wide range of events
  • An understanding of delivering training at a variety of levels
  • An understanding of the charity and not-for-profit sector (desirable)
  • Experience of working effectively with a team of volunteers
  • Experience of working in a charitable or not-for-profit environment (desirable)
  • Track record in budgeting and of achieving financial balance.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Passionate about the aims and values of Wikimedia UK
  • The energy to support the CEO in growing an organisation from its earliest stages; vision, innovation, strategic thinking
  • Good people management skills, with the ability to involve and inspire volunteers working remotely over geographically dispersed locations
  • Excellent software skills, including word-processing, spreadsheets, internet procedures, and database applications
  • Excellent project management abilities
  • Flexible approach, with the capability to be a team player in a high-growth start-up environment, and identify and manage opportunities and risk
  • Logical, clear thinking, diplomatic and patient approach
  • Ability to manage staff
  • Understanding of working with and managing volunteers; the ability to learn quickly and integrate within the Wikimedia community
  • Ability to work flexible hours and locations as required
  • Undertake training as required
  • An understanding of internet technologies, in particular wikis
  • An understanding of the culture and policies of Wikimedia communities
  • Knowledge of other languages (desirable).