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Basic information[edit | edit source]

Project Title (If applicable)
Wikipedia for Peace at Europride Vienna, 2019
Proposed by
Are you currently a member of Wikimedia UK?

Project description[edit | edit source]

Briefly describe the issue or problem that motivates this application. What needs are you meeting?
This application is for funding of £400 to cover the cost of travel from Glasgow to Vienna in order to attend Wikipedia for Peace at Europride from 12 - 16th June 2019. I am planning to participate in this event as a volunteer, as it falls outwith my role as Trustee of Wikimedia UK and representative of the University of Edinburgh.
Describe project activities. What will you use the funding to do?
This funding will be used to cover the cost of travel (Glasgow to London and London to Vienna return flights, plus transport to / from airport) to attend Wikipedia for Peace at Europride Vienna. Activities will include participating in the Europride Human Rights Conference, editing articles about LGBT+ concepts and European and Austrian LGBT+ history and biographies, and discussing and brainstorming future LGBT+ Wikipedia activities. I am particularly interested in focusing on the creation of articles around bisexual topics and individuals, which are sometimes marginalised in the LGBT+ community. There will also be an opportunity to participate in the Europride Parade and photograph the event for Wikimedia Commons. I will use social media, including live tweeting, to disseminate and highlight the importance of these events.
Describe your plan for evaluating this project. How will you measure success? What types of things will you measure (e.g. content, participants)?
Success will be measured on the basis of Wikipedia articles created and improved, connections made, future projects discussed or planned, images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, and social media engagement.
Identify key people involved in this project. How will or could the wider Wikimedian community be involved?
Key people involved in this event include Shikeishu (organiser), Josie Fraser (Chair of Board, Wikimedia UK) and others.
If applicable, identify partnering organisations for this project (not essential)
Wikimedia Austria.

If you feel that there is more information that could be for example resources needed, how successes can be measured, and how it fits in with the aims of Wikimedia and Wikimedia UK. Please note that these answers don't have to be definite now, and can be expanded on in conversation with the programme team.

What targets have you set? What will you measure?
Articles created and improved, images uploaded to Commons, contacts made, social media engagement.
What contribution will the project make to our strategic goals?
This project will contribute to Wikimedia UK’s Strategic Goal 1: Increase the quality and quantity of coverage of subjects that are currently underrepresented on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects, by diversifying content and improving the coverage of LGBT+ articles, biographies and images. The project will also strengthen links with other members of the Wikimedia LGBT+ Community, learning from their experiences and discussing potential future projects. Outputs and experiences will be reported back to Wikimedia UK and to Wikimedia UK’s Scotland Programme Coordinator, with a view to engaging with the LGBT+ community in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK.
Who will be recording/measuring the project metrics, and writing up a project report?
The results of Wikipedia for Peace at Europride will be recorded on the main project Results page. I will also write blog posts for Wikimedia UK and my personal blog Open World.
What staff support is being requested?
No additional staff support is being requested.
How can you get other volunteers involved? What roles could they have?
Other volunteers can get involved by participating remotely in Wikipedia at Europride editing. I will aim to raise awareness of this event to other volunteers through social media channels including blogging and twitter.
What meeting or other space is needed?
Are other resources needed (such as computers, books, camera equipment, food, contacts, infrastructure)? How will they be sourced?
If any partner organisations have been identified, have they been contacted and are they committed?
Event organisers Wikimedia Austria have been contacted and have agreed to cover the cost of accommodation.
Does this project require more extensive funding? What would any WMUK funds be used for?
The project requires more than the usual £250 limit in order to cover the cost of four flights from Glasgow to Vienna via London. Prices current as of 20 May 2019:
Glasgow to London Gatwick £85.87
London Gatwick to Vienna £70.89
Vienna to London Luton £93.47
London Luton to Glasgow £93.11
Transport to / from Glasgow Airport £30

Are external funds needed that we can apply for? If so where will they be sought?
Are there any resources that you can contribute? Such as equipment.

Reporting[edit | edit source]

Lorna's experience in the event was published in WMUK's blog:

Talk:Project grants/Wikipedia at Europride Vienna