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Wiki Wiki Shuttle, the bus from which Wikis got their name
This project won't cost the earth:
we estimate the CO2 emissions will be less than 40% than if a dozen people go by air!

Concept[edit | edit source]

To take a minibus from London to Esino Lario for Wikimania 2016 taking a dozen wikimedians and Wikimedia UK luggage and also providing a transport resource for the duration of the Wikimania event.

Key questions[edit | edit source]

Why?[edit | edit source]

  1. Provide a cost-effective way of enabling Wikimedian volunteers to travel to Wikimania 2016
  2. Provide a cost-effective way of taking and bringing back Wikimedia UK luggage (Equipment, WMUK Publicity and other appropriate material) to Wikimania 2016
  3. Provide an addition to the resource pool for the effective delivery of Wikimania 2016
  4. Provide a team-building experience for Wikimedia UK volunteers supporting Wikimania 2016
  5. Provide a reliable structure so that volunteer tasks can be delegated to the Wikimedia UK Volunteer team during Wikimania 2016
  6. Fun: provide a positive memorable experience for volunteers, visiting interesting places on the way and endeavouring to meet other Wikimedians as well. Maybe we can form a convoy.

When[edit | edit source]

When will we travel[edit | edit source]

  • Monday 20 June Leave London — first overnight stop Monday night
  • Tuesday 21 June Visit interesting place — second overnight stop Tuesday night
  • Wednesday 22 June Drive through Alps — Arrive at Esino Lario Wednesday night
  • Thursday 23 – Sunday 26 June Wikimania
  • Monday 27 June Leave Esino Lario — third overnight stop Monday night
  • Tuesday 28 June Visit interesting place — fourth overnight stop Tuesday night
  • Wednesday 29 June Visit interesting place — arrive back in London Wednesday afternoon

When are the key milestones to be achieved in the planning process[edit | edit source]

Constraints[edit | edit source]

  • The bus needs to be maximum for 35 people to facilitate the driving in the mountains streets of Esino Lario.
  • Solution: We plan to have a minibus for 17 people, but with only a dozen occupants (to enable us to take camping equipment, Wikimedia UK material as well as personal luggage).
  • People book early for flights, and so don't want to come on bus.
  • Solution: Set deadline to confirm bus is definitely going ahead.

Side benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Publicity and outreach
    • This makes a good news story. And not just for the UK news media, but for the countries we pass through
    • Working on Wikimedia projects on the way, and on the way back, can involve local Wikimedians or proto-wikimedians.
  • Adding material to the projects.
  • Pre- and post-WikiMania idea exchanges