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Wikimedia UK is looking at developing a small number of publications to support our outreach work.

There is plenty of material available at the Outreach Wiki bookshelf. However, we're responsible for getting materials printed if we want to use them. There might also be changes we want to make, even if it's only putting the Wikimedia UK logo and address on.

If you have suggestions or requests please add them here. Also, if have experience doing DTP (preferably using Scribus) and might be free to help implement some of these things, please make a note here. If you have any questions post here or email

Planned[edit | edit source]

  • "Welcome to Wikipedia": Produce UK version & arrange print

Requested[edit | edit source]

  • A5/A4 leaflets giving a brief overview and introduction to the various Wikimedia projects, that can be printed cheaply and handed out en masse
  • UK-orientated version of File:Wikimedia Commons WMAU.pdf (ie. with pictures of/from the UK rather than Australia, and with WMUK's contact details at the end, rather than WMAU's)
  • A UK version of File:GLAM One-Pager.pdf

... please add requests / suggestions ...

Offers of help[edit | edit source]