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Chief Executive[edit | edit source]

Report to Board for 8th of January 2013

1. For Decision:

1.1. Train the Trainers
Urgent decision needed to proceed with February. Five bookings so far.
Additional documents: Draft agreement for Feb 2013 event and tender documents from May 2012.
1.2. 2013-14 Programme
Looking forward to being able to start planning implementation of 2013-14 plan following budget approval.
Need budget approval.
1.3. WiR recruitment and contracts
Need a version to work with on first tranche of WiR. Saad has brought us a long way on this. Here is draft 4. Now urgent.

2. For information

2.1. Finance Reporting Standards, FDC Grant and reporting requirements
The FDC grant comes with paperwork attached. There will be quarterly progress reports and an end of year summary.
This will be a slightly complicated process to manage. This is the process :
a. Agree programme for 2013-14.
b. Revise our FDC programme bid and liaise with the Foundation to clear this new version.
c. Break the plan down into its elements with delivery plans, targets, etc.
d. Use this as the basis for reporting to the UK board to include anything else needed.
e. Integrate the reporting with our financial systems.
f. Ensure staff use the reporting framework.
This will require a combination of planning, system integration and diplomacy but will fit in well with one of my targets for the coming year:
Chief Executive reports to be presented at each in-person Board meeting, including summary report of activity versus planned activity, incorporating agreed points from development of key performance indicators and risk.
2.2 Strategy and Planning
We are approaching our second year of full operation with a plan that will continue our expansion but points to a horizon of February 2014. But we need to be able to look forward five years. Attempts to do this in 2012 led to this . In reality we had covered a lot of ground and teased out many of the issues and when it came to the FDC bid it provided the background that we were able to use and indeed were complimented on.
However it was not a process that engaged enough of the community and it is certainly worth going back to zero and starting the process again and this is another of my targets for the coming year:
Jon to outline a strategy process involving situational analysis, long-term goal setting, and appropriate community consultation, for presentation at the February Board meeting.
Implement the process agreed at the February board meeting and produce a high-quality strategic plan for adoption at the 2013 AGM .
I have set up a page for people to start their contributions.
Ideas please on this page:
2.3 Risk register.
Staff training on evaluating risk has taken place and a register with recommendations will be ready for the February Board meeting.
2.4 Independent Review.
Publication is imminent. We will need to be ready to reflect and act upon its proposals. Supplies of good faith are likely to be needed.
2.5 Trustee vacancies.
With the Chair I am seeking means to find a replacement who might be suitable and acceptable to the board. I emailed two of the applicants from the last trawl a year ago who had good governance experience. One has replied and visited the office.
2.6 The Christmas Break
Staff covered email enquiries. No phone messages left. OTRS queue 14 received, 2 spam.
2.7 Theft
RS writes: This month, after the Christmas break, one day prior to the reconciliation, we were informed by our bank that several transactions had been attempted which had triggered their security system. Upon investigation, it appears that £388.23 has been spent from one of the staff cards, by persons unknown, without our knowledge, and without the cardholder present.
The card has since been stopped and destroyed. It was in the possession of staff at all times as far as we know, and the staff member who controls the card was not in the areas where the goods were purchased at the time (they were approximately 50 miles away). The bank has been informed, and will follow up the theft with police.
2.8 Ongoing matters
QR codes
Recruitment of additional staff – volunteers for panel please.
Closing books for 2012-13 and bringing underspend forward. Audit visit next week.
Finding HR support contract.