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AndrewRT contribution[edit source]

I apologise I wont be able to come to teh meeting tonight as I´m in Spain and the internet cafe is really expensive!

Please go ahead with the meeting anyway and feel free to make any decisions you need to - it is a quorate meetign after all!

Here´s my contributions to the agenda:

Minutes 21-10[edit source]

Approval: I agree with all except "ACTION: MP to inform ChapCom of change to MoA." i think should be "ACTION: AT to inform ChapCom of change to MoA."

My actions:

"ACTION: MP to inform ChapCom of change to MoA."

Emailed tehm - no response yet

"AT to ask ChapCom how to initiate negotiations with the Wikimedia Foundation over use of its trademark.

ACTION: AT to contact ChapCom for advice."

Emailed them - no response received yet

Minutes 11-4[edit source]

"AT agreed to sign Form 12 in the presense of a JP witness and to send the completed forms to Companies House."

Done - not heard back yet

Membership Rules[edit source]

I´ve put my input on the email list. Personally I think we should charge a minimum fee of about GBP2 but also set a recommended fee of GBP15. This way if we get about 200 members, of which 20 pay GBP15 we raise GBP600+ which will cover our admin costs and mean all the funds we raise can be spent on real things!

Hope the meeting goes well!

AndrewRT 18:08, 4 November 2008 (UTC)