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Comment This timeline was adopted as an objective by the Board on 2 October 2008. It is discussed and updated at each board meeting.
Milestone Date planned* / Achieved
Start publicising the chapter and getting supporters 29 August 2008
Close list of candidates, deadline for candidate statements, begin public questioning of candidates 13 September 2008
End questions, begin voting 20 September 2008 0:01 UTC
Finish voting 27 September 2008, 23:59 UTC
Construct board, elect officers 2 October 2008
Submit draft Memorandum and Arts to Chapter Committee and begin negotiations with WMF 16 October 2008
Submit application to Companies House 30 October 2008
Company Incorporated at Companies House 5 November 2008
Begin opening bank account 14 November 2008
Conclude negotiations with ChapCom 18 November 2008
Begin inviting applications for membership 19 November 2008
Apply to HMRC for tax-exempt status 23 November 2008
Wikimedia Foundation approval as a chapter 12 January 2009
Sign contract with WMF 2 February 2009
Approve applications for membership received so far 17 February 2009
Finish opening bank account 26 February 2009
Begin accepting donations 26 February 2009
Notice of AGM issued
Invitation for candidates issued
20 March 2009
Chapters Meeting in Berlin 3-5 April 2009
Deadline for nominations 5 April 2009 (23:59 GMT)
Ballot papers issued 8 April 2009
Deadline for receiving membership applications by mail 18 April 2009
Finish processing applications for membership (in person) 26 April 2009
Annual General Meeting 26 April 2009 (1pm, BST)
Six month deadline for holding AGM 4 May 2009
Receive tax-exempt status June? 2009

* The further in the future a planned date is, the more liable it is to be changed.