Train the Trainers Tender 2014

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Train the Trainers, Wikimedia UK 2014

A Wikimedia UK Train the trainers session, Feb 2013

Wikimedia UK is the Wikimedia chapter covering the United Kingdom. We exist to help collect, develop and distribute freely licensed knowledge and other educational, cultural and historic material.

We do this by bringing together the Wikimedia community in the UK, and by building links with UK-based cultural institutions, universities, charities and other bodies. We also represent UK-based Wikimedians to the Wikimedia Foundation and the global Wikimedia movement.

Wikimedia UK is seeking individuals or organisations to deliver our 'Train the Trainers' programme­ over the next two years.

The aim is to train active Wikipedians and educators to deliver consistent and high quality training to a range of audiences throughout the UK. These audiences will include volunteers hoping to edit for the first time, passing on new techniques to experienced Wikipedians as well as archivists and museum curators who will be working with users and editors of Wikipedia and all points in between.

If you would be interested in delivering this programme in cooperation with Wikimedia UK please send your tender to: It must include:

  • Details about yourself and your organisation including references that can be taken up regarding work of a similar nature you have undertaken in the past.
  • Examples of similar work you have undertaken in the past.
  • An explanation of your approach to working with volunteers.
  • A detailed description of the approach you will take with a timetable and success criteria. This should include teaching and assessment methods, and using the web to reinforce and extend learning.
  • The number of Wikimedians (i.e. those who regularly edit and contribute to Wikimedia websites) you would be able to train.
  • How your work fits in with the open access ethos of Wikimedia UK.
  • An agreement that the training materials produced will be open access under a CC-BY-SA licence.
  • A detailed list of your tender amount and what it does and does not include.

Closing date Monday 7th April 17.00 hours UK time.