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If delivering a training workshop on behalf of Wikimedia UK, it can be useful to send an introductory email beforehand. This page gives an example.

This page is part of Wikimedia UK's documentation for Wikimedia trainers.


An email in advance of a session

  • helps create a positive and professional atmosphere.
  • helps to set expectations for the session and get people thinking about what the Wikimedia projects can achieve.
  • recommends resources that people can check in advance if they want to. These will usually be to inspire interest rather than convey information.
  • encourages people to register an account in advance. This avoids problems with multiple new accounts from the same internet address in a short space of time.


This was sent out a week before a Basic Wikipedia training session.

We are the experienced Wikipedia volunteers who will be helping you at the workshop on [date]. Thanks for signing up to help improve the encyclopaedia. We hope and expect it will be fun and rewarding all round.

There is only one thing you need to do in advance, and that is to create a user account, using the link at the top right of any Wikipedia page. Unlike some sites, Wikipedia does not ask for lots of personal information; only an email address. It's up to you if you use your real name or a pseudonym. Note that this is a personal log-in: it's recommended not to include your employer name.

We will explain about the background and mission of Wikipedia on the day, but it will help if you watch a couple of short videos beforehand:

Wikipedia: beneath the surface

The state of Wikipedia:

If you want background reading, "Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia" is short, to-the-point and very helpful.

Remember that Wikipedia is based on published sources such as academic journals and books. It will be a good idea to bring sources with you about a topic you are interested in, or make sure you have online access to them.

We look forward to meeting you on [date],